zero screen time to-do list for self-iso

Okay babes, I have officially binge-watched everything on Netflix and Stan! To be honest with you, I am starting to loose my mind a little! I just watched season one of Tiger King in a day… well less than 12 hours to be specific, oops! And if I’m not re-watching The Vampire Diaries for a 3rd time, I’m mindlessly scrolling through all my fave social media apps. Yes I know what you’re thinking, “Self-iso has turned me into a TikToker too!” I never thought the time would come, but it has. I think I can speak for almost every gal out there when I say that too much screen time is sending us all absolutely LoCo!

Here at BB, we’re feeling it too. So we’ve created the perfect zero screen time to-do list! If the words, “Carol Baskin”, or listening to the first 25 seconds of “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd doesn’t trigger you, then you’re doing something right, keep it up gal! But for everyone else, say goodbye to Carol Baskin and TikTok trends, and hello to banana bread and board games. Yeah you heard us, BB is going old school style!

  1. Bake Banana Bread

For some weird reason, self-iso has turned everyone into bakers! I mean.. have you ever seen so many Insta stories of banana bread before?

Old school style doesn’t mean we can’t keep it cool and up with worldwide trends. But forget online recipes, it’s time to whip out your mum’s old cookbook and bake the best banana bread in town! Just ask your parents, they’ll tell you the OG recipes are the best recipes. And yes, you can obvi take a pic of the final product, for insty.

Cook in comfort but feel that little bit sexy, in our ‘Loving Is Easy Cardigan Blush’ with a pair of shorts (or undies) and a cheeky crop underneath!

2. Play Board Games

Next on our list is… board games! Take us back to the good old days when we spent our school holidays drinking milo and trying to beat our older siblings in a very intense game of Monopoly. This was way before the bright pink Motorola Flip Phone was a thing, now that’s old school for you! Well guess what? We are going back in time honeys! Put your Nintendo Switch down and get out your fave board game that’s hiding under the stairs in a pile of dust. Put on your poker face and challenge your family, your roommates or your partner to a game of scrabble.

We’re talking serious business here, and we have the perfect outfit to compliment that poker face of yours! Introducing the ‘Forgiven Knit Skirt’ and matching ‘Shinjuki Knit Top’, in either pastel blue or lilac. So comfy and screams major nerdy old-school vibes. If looks could kill…let the games begin!

3. Have a Fancy Dress Sit Down Dinner

Time to get fancy with BB. That’s right, we’re inviting you to a fancy dress sit down dinner! We love any excuse to dress up, and this seems like a super cute idea! Whether you’re having a date night with your bf, or a gals night with your roomies, it’s time to put on that outfit you’ve been dying to debut. And guess what? Because this is a zero screen-time night, you can re-debut that outfit once life goes back to normal, and no one will ever know!

Send out an invitation (aka slip it under the bedroom door) with a date, a time, and a place (aka the dining room or outside on the balcony perhaps?), and start planning! Hmm, homemade pizzas are always fun! And don’t forget a bottle, or two, of red wine.

We are crushing over the ‘Milky Way Midi Dress’ in either blue or green. This dress is the perfect balance between fancy and a bit of fun 😉

4. Clean your room, and beyond!

Last but definitely not least, clean your damn room, and beyond for bonus points! BB girls know how to turn a chore into a hobby, and before you know it, the entire house will be looking spick and span and you will be feeling a sense of satisfaction and success.

Our hot tip – just play your fave podcast series through a speaker and put on your workin’ clothes! An easy breezy dress will do the trick, in fact we think the “Good Feeling Dress Natural” is just what you need! This dress is so comfy and super light, you’ll be flying through each room. Just chuck on some sneakers and you’re good to go!

If we’ve left out your fave zero screen-time activity then let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear some more ideas to add to our to-do list!

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