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Do you miss planning and putting together outfits for upcoming events? Or even to go to work? We hear you! And you know what? You still can! Staying at home doesn’t mean getting out of touch with your inner-fashionista.

Online shopping has become your new best friend, and that’s if you weren’t already best friends before iso (tbh she has always there for me when I needed a bit of retail therapy). For us BB girls, self-iso also means self-love and self-care!

We’ve put together three self-iso outfits that will replace your day-to-night look with a desk-to-couch look.

Office Vibes

If you’re having troubles getting out bed and over to your work space, you’re not alone. A lot of us are working from home at the moment, which is all fun and games until it’s the end of the day and zero tasks are completed because your cute AF dog wanted 1000 pats!

Getting out of your pj’s is a easy way to stay motivated and make it feel like you are actually at work! We love a chic yet cosy midi skirt with a simple tee or a slouchy but sophisticated cardi over whatever you want! Oh, and forget shoes… socks all the way!

A quick trip to the grocery store

Let’s face it – while social distancing the most exciting outing you might have planned is your weekly grocery shop. Why not walk up and down the aisles in style? And before you know it, you’ll be walking out of iso more fashionable then ever! Grocery stores are always that little bit chilly, So we recommend taking inspo from our fave Jenner, Kylie and rocking an oversized sweat with bike shorts and a pair of white sneakers.

New Occupation = Couch Potato

It’s tough out there, and with a lot of us not working at the moment it can feel strange trying to fill your days. Take this time to look after yourself and do whatever it is that makes you feel good! And if that’s spending your time lying on the couch watching Netflix and ordering Ubereats, then we are so with you sista!

Take this time to binge watch Gossip girl from start to finish, but do it in style. For a feminine look you can’t go wrong with a comfy knit set, or an oversized cardi. If you’re after something with a little more attitude try a graphic tee with bike shorts or denim cut offs.

That Marie Kondo Life

Okay, okay we get it. All your earth signs out there not working, or working reduced hours are going crazy without a regular routine. But who said you can’t create one? Being at home more often is a great time to organise your life, start a new hobby or just throw some unwanted stuff out! Let’s face it, we spend half our time wishing we had more time at home to do these things, so we’re going to do them! And we’re going to do them in style.

If your to-do list is going to keep you active then it’s probably wise to wear denim shorts or jeans with a top that you don’t mind getting a little dirty (that means no plain white tees babe). Add some comfy sneakers and you’re ready to go!

Comfort is key in self-iso, but so is looking and feeling cool! Let us know your fave pieces by commenting below! BB xx

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