bags, bags and more bags!

Sometimes an outfit can all come down to the perfect bag (or in my wardrobe BAGS)! A bag is the accessory that can seriously make or break an outfit.

Making sure you have the perfect bag to match your outfit and lifestyle is crucial. Investing in the right bag will guarantee you save money and your outfit will always be to the nine.

Firstly it is important to have a versatile evening bag. A bag you can bring to dinner, take out on a night out and bring to an upcoming event. Trust us when we say the right bag will complete your outfit. Our advice, something simple, that way you can ensure the bag goes with almost every outfit. Here are some of BB’s favourite evening bags …

Day to night bags? Perfect for all you busy girls don’t have time to go home before your night out. How about a long lunch? We all love a lunch that extends into a great night out. Major tip – bring some colour to the table. A cute bag with a little bit of colour will create the perfect day to night transformation. Need you say more we have the perfect picks for you!

My personal favourite to top off the perfect outfit is a fabulous STATEMENT bag. A statement bag can bring the most simple outfit to life being the completion to your next fabulous outfit. Whether it be a bold print or colour, either or is a must have. Our favourite statement bags are just below!

And there we have it. The most fabulous Beginning Boutique bags to add to your wardrobe. You’ll never be under-dressed again.

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