A formal affair: finding the perfect look

It’s that time in every girls life where you become all consumed with finding ‘the one’. And no, we don’t mean a cute date… we mean finding the perfect formal dress. We mean “Getting ready, the night of nights, alright!” We know this can be an overwhelming task babe, so we’ve broken it down for you to make the process as painless as possible!

Find your vibe

First think about what vibe you want to go for! Do you wanna go full glam? Elegant and understated? Sexy goddess? Figuring out what look you’re going for will save you a lot of time. Create a mood board with prom dress looks that you love and start from there.

Consider youR Options – But don’t wait to long

The options can seem endless, but now that you know what look you’re going for take some time to see what’s out there. If you’re shopping online – check the returns policy so you can try the dress on and exchange for a different size. But don’t wait to long! Sizes will sell out and you’ll need time to find matching shoes and accessories 😍

Consider your body shape

Think about what you’ve got and work with it girl! Understanding what looks best on your body shape is soooo important! Don’t buy a low cut dress if you know you’re going to feel uncomfortable the whole night. Think about the fits you know you love and work with that. If you love your legs then maybe go for something with a split! If you wanna show a little more then maybe a backless dress is for you!

Trust Yourself

This is your night babe! Make sure whatever dress you pick has you feelin’ yourself. You wanna feel confident and hot AF! Only you will know which formal dress will have you feeling amazing, so trust yourself and go get em! 

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