Our top 5 tips to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year!

Black Friday is one of the most notorious shopping days of the year. That’s why BB have prepared a BB Black Friday Survival Guide to not only survive the chaotic experience, but to come out on the other side successful with full, discounted carts!

Our 5 step guide will have you confident and prepared for you to conquer all the online sales from the comfort of your home, because let’s be real, we don’t have time to stand in line at an IRL shop.


First step is to sign up to all your fave newsletters! Without this you could miss important info like what time their sales are going live and what kind of discounts they’re offering.

It’s also a good way to become familiar with products which can help you start making a list of all the pieces you want!

2. Fill your cart the week before

It’s never a great idea going into something without a plan of attack. That’s why we love the idea of filling our carts the week before! This gives you a rough idea of what pieces you want to buy from which brands so you don’t miss out.

Filling your cart the week before can also mean checking your card details are auto-filled to ensure a swift check out when the big moment rolls around. It could be the deciding seconds which separates you from getting that dress you’ve had your eye on for so long!

3. check out who has the best incentives

Some retailers offer a blanket discount, while others include a free gift or free express shipping during cyber weekend, BB is known for their amaze free gifts when you shop!

4. plan your christmas shopping

Plan your Christmas shopping list before Cyber Weekend madness.

We know you’re probably shaking your head RN thinking its still way to early to start thinking about Christmas. But trust us, in a few weeks time you’ll be wishing you had bought those Christmas pressies while they were on sale!

5. Set a reminder on your phone

Last but not least, this might be the most crucial step. There would be nothing worse than going through all this trouble, only to have you miss the sales going live, with all your fave picks already sold out! MEGA DEVO.

Make sure to set your alarms and reminders babes- This is going to be a big one!

We hope you enjoyed our BB Guide to Surviving Black Friday! Let us know in the comments below what you’re doing to prepare for the big event! xx

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