Back to school but not as we know it! Zoom and online meetings have taken over our usual routine of day classes, coffee dates and study sessions. However this is no reason for you to not be looking your best and catch the eye of your classmates. We’ve put together some pieces to help you master the business up the top, party down the bottom fit.

Looking and feeling cute has been proven to make you study better….surely??!


The piece that’ll actually be seen this term! You can still look cute and stylish in you classes with a classic crop top, printed tee or sweater. Go for something comfy yet presentable or yet spice up the class and show of your latest BB purchase.


Online meetings and classes usually mean no one can see whats going on down below, so comfort here is key! We’ve put together our comfiest items of shorts and pants for you!


You won’t be walking in the sun to get between classes this term so take a look below at some of our pieces that can keep you warm during those cool sessions.


The best way to add a lil sparkle to your basic fit. Pair your tee with a dainty necklace or earrings to sum up the ideal home-uni fit!

Get excited about going back to school by adding some cute tops and basic pieces to keep you stylish yet online.

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