How to celebrate your birthday while social distancing: aries edition

So you’re an Aries, which means you probably just cancelled your birthday celebrations, the outfit you bought is useless and you’re feeling all kinds of sorry for yourself! We feel you babe, we’ve been working from home and haven’t seen the sun in weeks! But we still want you to celebrate YOU.

We all know that Aries want to be number one, so we’ve come up with 4 ways for you to celebrate your birthday while social distancing!

1 have a party

And no, we don’t mean defy social distancing by throwing a rager. Have a party at home. Pour yourself a glass of wine, create your ultimate cheese platter, throw on that dress you bought and facetime with the girls! Chances are they’re all free too and dying to let their hair down,

2 Netflix Party!

Who knew Netflix could get any better? What better way to spend your birthday that with an old-school movie marathon with the girls? Netflix Party allows your to watch your fave movies with your friends online – it literally synchronises the video so you’re always up to the same part + a group chat 🙌

Set yourself up on the couch with your fave snacks, a comfy fit and enjoy a wholesome night in!

3 Dinner Party

By now your fave restaurant is closed, but it’s probably still delivering take-away! Order your fave meal to enjoy with the people you live with or, better yet put those cooking skills to the test. If you live with your party put on some music, pour a glass of wine and get cooking. Don’t forget dessert (obvs)!

4 Appreciate the ones you love

Enjoy this time with your family. If you’re lucky enough to be isolating with your family, partner or housemates that you actually get along with use this time to enjoy their company. Games nights, movies on the couch or dinners together are all great ways for everyone to appreciate and celebrate you!

We’re all in this together, babe. Tell us in the comments below how you’re celebrating your birthday from home!

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