Welcome to the home working life! Whether you’ve been doing this for awhile now or you’re new to WFH here are some tips that can help you have a productive day.

1. Set a Schedule

Decide when you start + when you stop. Give yourself a lunch break too!

2. Set a Vibe

Open your curtains, burn a candle, play your favourite music. Don’t sit in bed or on the couch!

3. Get Dressed

Changing out of your PJ’s to an outfit + brushing your hair will do wonders.

4. Do Not Disturb

Ignore all texts, calls and social media. Be proactive – not reactive. Reward yourself with 5 minutes of phone time every other hour to stay connected.

5. Be Productive

Conquer your least favourite and longest task in the morning. Then work your way through the smooth sailing things to do

6. Get Active

Try an at-home workout in the morning. This will get your endorphins going + help boost productivity.

7. Write a List

Write down 7 things you have to accomplish that day. Crossing them off IRL feels so good.

8. Have a Drink

Make your favorite fancy coffeeshop drink right at home. It will help boost your mood.

9. Ignore the Chores (if you can)

Don’t get caught up in tidying around you, laundry, etc. Treat your day as if you were actually in an office.

10. Reward Yourself

Small actions make big reactions. Call a friend, meditate, make a great dinner, etc. at the end of your day. You’re more likely to get excited about another reward tomorrow night!

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