Our Top Festival Make Up Trends!

By Isabella Di Febo // @issabella_d

Festival season has well and truly hit, with new festivals being announced almost every day. But who’s complaining? We love festivals and how they allow festival-goers to express themselves freely and confidently. Not only does your festival outfit play a big part in that, but your festival makeup does too! You can create a totally unique and funky makeup look that is completely different from the rest – all eyes on you girl!

So, we bring to you our top festival makeup trends that are currently vibing, so you can recreate the looks you love for your next festival. It’s party time babes!

Glitter Galore
Who would’ve though that glitter would still be on trend? Well, the people have spoken and glitter is still incorporated into almost every festival makeup look. Instead of being splattered everywhere, most looks involve strategically-placed glitter patterns which are super cool. Add some extra body jewels for more of a glitter illusion and stand out from the crowd.

As seen on: @paintedsnowflake

Forever Fluorescent
Bright, bold fluro colours are on trend for festival makeup. These statement eyeshadows are able to create some wicked looks with perfect blending and a mixture of different shades. Match your eyeshadow with your festival outfit or make your face the feature. Slay girl!

As seen on: @amrihearts

Abstract Art
A really cool and unique makeup trend for festivals is where abstract lines, dots and other shapes are drawn onto the face after majority of the makeup is completed. This trend allows you to experiment with colours and designs to create the ultimate festival makeup look. Channel your inner artist and paint your face.

As seen on: @nyane

Iridescent Illumination
Channeling those strong-highlight vibes, the iridescent festival makeup looks unlock a whole new level of highlighter. The whole face can be glowing and shining under the festival lights while dancing your night away. You will look like a literal goddess with this festival makeup trend. 

As seen on: @emdavies

Feeling inspired and want to start re-creating some of these festival makeup looks? Check out our accessories here for some additional makeup pieces.

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