Here’s Your Hottest Winter Trends for 2019!

By Isabella Di Febo // @issabella_d

Winter has officially landed in Australia and the only good excuse we have to enjoy the chilly days is by filling up that Winter wardrobe. Fluffy coats, beanies, scarves and knee-high boots are what we absolutely LOVE to see and wear during those very cold days. Winter fashion trends come and go on the regular so we’ve gathered some of the hottest Winter trends for 2019 so far. Prepare to fall in love with your new favourite winter coat, ladies!

cold winter GIF by Libby VanderPloeg

Smart, casual but most importantly…warm!
Big, puffy jackets are a major trend for Winter fashion at the moment with lots of colour variations to choose from. This means you can buy three of the same warm jackets and look cute in each colour! These jackets are perfect for a quick lunch date with the girls or running errands during the day. They can even be worn during a hike on a sunny (but very cold) Winter morning.

A Sophisticated Look
Long, fluffy coats are another current Winter trend that almost everyone is obsessing over. Large coats are always a statement piece for Winter but now that they’ve been created with extra fluff and warmth, we can’t resist buying at least five. This coat is perfect to wear to business meetings or even to a fancy dinner and drinks with your lover. It is definitely a must-have!

The Perfect Winter Dress
Every girl still wants to wear a cute and flowy dress even when it’s freezing cold outside. Lucky for us girls, the fashion gods have answered our prayers. Long sleeve dresses are currently on-trend for Winter looks which makes dressing up and looking cute so much easier. These dresses are super warm as well so they are the perfect Winter dress.

The Final Touch
Another Winter trend that never dies out is the dressy, black heeled boots. Suitable for any occasion, they can be worn as a casual look with some ripped jeans or paired with a Winter dress and a long, fluffy coat. The best Winter accessory every girl needs!

Do you have the sudden urge to go buy a whole new Winter wardrobe? Because me too girl! Check out our latest arrivals here!

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