#trending Noteworthy Met Gala Looks 2019

We may still be scratching our heads trying to work out exactly what this year’s Met Gala theme, ‘camp’, should look like, but there was certainly no lack of wild interpretations on the (pink) carpet. From multiple outfits changes to multiple sets of eyes (not kidding), this year’s Met Gala served us killer looks ranging from bold and beautiful to baffling and bizarre. Here’s our list of the 8 Met appearances that left us dazzled, dumbfounded and downright confused.

Ezra Miller
Suited up in Burberry, Ezra stunned with an optical illusion that took over 5 hours to create. Weird, whacky and wonderful, Ezra’s 10 extra eyes and chic black and white attire definitely hit the ‘camp’ theme. With (literally) all eyes on him, Ezra made a statement on the carpet that is going to be difficult to forget!

Lady Gaga
Proving it’s always better to be over-dressed than under, Gaga outdid herself with four sensational looks and even a little performance art! Starting her appearance in a billowing pink gown, she proceeded to strip down into two other pink and black numbers before shopping the show in diamante studded lingerie that was both sexy and sophisticated. And if that wasn’t enough- she even brought her own champagne!

Em Ratajkowski
My personal favourite, Em’s barely there glistening dress not only left everyone starstruck but also paid tribute to the original Camp Queen- Cher. With winged headpiece to match, Em exuded confidence, elegance, and really made us want to hit the gym!

Harry Styles
The internet is certainly going crazy over Harry’s on-theme ‘fit. Harry showed off his feminine side by adorning a sheer black, ruffled blouse, and statement jewellery including one pearl earring. Dressed head to toe in Gucci, we were left wondering how Harry can still be that hot when dressed sort of like our grandmother.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner
Sticking to the theme for once, these A-list sisters killed it in brightly coloured, feathered gowns (with Kylie even in a matching wig.) While everyone was blown away by the girl’s outfit choices, this didn’t stop the internet from pointing out their numerous look-alikes (Velma & Daphne and the twins from White Chicks, to name a few.)

Katy Perry
Hats off to Katy Perry who hit the theme by bringing inanimate objects to life. Her candlestick carpet outfit was totally ‘lit’ and then coming to the after-party as a giant hamburger left us hungry for more (all puns intended.)

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey has sparked controversy with her Alexander Wang pink gown that was business in the front and party in the back. Was the thong a sexy statement or should it have been left to Bieber’s eyes only? Although she was pretty in pink, whether or not she hit the theme is undecided.

James Charles
Yikes, people are not happy. James is getting dragged for his Met Gala instagram post about ‘Influencer Representation’ and how he seemingly put more work into his Coachella ‘fits. The internet may think his first time at the Gala was a flop, but James has addressed the issue saying he’s proud to have been invited and had a great time (yay!).

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