Your Summer Bikini Essentials

By Aisha Sini // @aishasini

What does your perfect Summer sound like? Bronzed skin? Beach days? A show-stopping bikini?  Then you’re going to LOVE the new 9.0 Swim Miami Collection! Bringing you stylish swimwear goodness, the 9.0 Swim Miami Collection is here- and it’s got everything you need for a Summer to remember!

Summer Shimmer

Calling all beach bombshells! If you like the glam life and all things glitter, you’re going to love the Delano Bikini Top and Delano Bottoms. Plus- a strapless top means no tan lines! Bonus!

Luxe Ladynl2_790e67e4-5bc7-4cf4-8fb3-2c668dec5b94_660x1024_crop_bottom.jpgHave you ever seen a bougie-r bikini? The matte beige finish on the Cabana Bikini Top and Cabana Bikini Bottoms looks super luxurious. And, the one shoulder buckle and high leg cut gives us super 90’s vibes!

Mermaid Babenl17_64033990-b536-412e-9b55-e47106626496_660x1024_crop_bottom.jpgBe the cutest mermaid on the beach with the Billy Bikini Top and Billy Bikini Bottoms! The girly ruffles add such a sweet touch, and the shimmering baby blue makes any tan pop.

Think Pinknl23_84731b68-4517-4b17-b67a-90a7e11e9770_660x1024_crop_bottom.jpgReach your Summer goddess goals with the Ibiza Bikini and Ibiza Bottoms! The combination of pink fabric and textured gold stripes are super angelic, and the high cut is such a bombshell vibe!

Browse the entire 9.0 Swim collection for endless swimwear goals!

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