Two looks you NEED for Coachella 2018

It’s that time yet again, FESTIVAL season! Whether you’re a long-time festival patriot returning to the motherland, or attending your first this year, Coachella is the place you’ll want to be! It’s the beating heart of music and art events, the backbone of revolutionary fashion, and of course, a great place for celebrity spotting. Presenting us with some of the world’s best music acts each year without fail, Coachella consistently pleases ears with it’s unreal artist selections. Despite our holy Goddess Beyoncé being one of the festival’s main headliners, it’s not just the killer music that makes us rinse our bank accounts each year to land tickets…

How could you forget?! THE FASHION. OH, THE FASHION! We absolutely live for Coachella’s outrageous, divine style and wonderfully over-accessorised outfits. It’s part of why Coachella is such an experience. It’s the place where you can wear literally everything and anything you’ve ever dreamed of. Can’t think of your own outfits? Just wear as many accessories as you can physically manage, you’ll look the part. But don’t worry girl, we know what the go is when it comes to trends, and we’ll show you the ones that you have to be rocking this year at the festival of all festivals. We’re going to show you exactly how to rock both Coachella looks so you are ahead of the game. Get inspired!

Look 1: 90’S Grunge Princess

For this look, you want to go for a grungy, sporty, edgy style. We are obsessed with the tiny sunglass trend this year and they’re a huge part of this outfit. Think plaid, think huge boots or old-style sneakers, think Bella Hadid mixed with 90’s street wear. This is such a cool and unique trend, so we’ve amplified Bella’s style to be Coachella appropriate.

Inspiration: Bella Hadid

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 1.07.19 pm.png
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Rowland Body Harness Silver
Starlight Hair Ring Silver
I.AM.GIA Gwen Pants Green Tartan
I.AM.GIA Rylie Flatform Sandals Black


    You can mix and match this outfit! If you’re feeling like something slightly more girly, swap the green pants out for these awesome pink plaid pants! Or, if the sneaker sandals don’t do it for you, lace up some badass platform boots instead. Add a beret for an extra dose of 90’s style! This outfit is super comfy, and is going to be one of the most popular trends this year at Coachella.


Current Mood Raven Boots Black
Antares Cargo Pants Pink Plaid

Halle Beret Black

Look 2: Bejewelled Carnival Queen

For this look, think carnivals, think coloured hair and crystals everywhere. We’re combining RiRi’s last Barbados Festival costume with a few Coachella 2018 tweaks. Boho is a trend every year and this year won’t be an exception, so we’re dialling up the boho vibes to add some flare. This outfit is such a pretty, girly festival statement outfit if you want to stand out – your photos will be out of this world!

Inspiration: Rihanna at Barbados Festival

Get the look, check out BB’s Festival Outfit Collection!

The white and candyfloss pink look so cute together! Get the costume set and add fishnets, cat eye sunglasses, a pink boat hat and pastel wig! This look is perfect for you to make an impact at Coachella with your style and get some poppin’ insta photos.

Crystal Carnival Costume Pink
Lala Wig Candyfloss
La Lune Hadid Sunglasses White Black
Danger Game Fishnet Stockings Pink


Well, now you know what trends to rock, you better get packing!

By Belle Murray-Salter



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