Dressing for autumn in Australia is a serious challenge. Will I be sweating at 29 degrees? Or will I be freezing in 18 degree wind and rain? With autumn weather, anything can happen, but we’ve got you covered with 6 staple wardrobe pieces that are an absolute must to get you through the season while still staying super cute!






Basic Bodysuit

28435345_579452519075378_2072556285663903744_n.jpgAutumn is the season that will see you slipping back into your jeans and midi skirts. I always like to enter this phase with a new basic bodysuit in my closet. Bodysuits save you from constantly having to tuck in your tops, which is a real plus for me. Re-tucking in my tops is one of my ultimate pet peeves. I love to pairing the Fallon Bodysuit in black with jeans, skirts or shorts! The options are endless!

Teddy Coat


Teddy Coats are BIG this season, you’d be crazy not to have one in your Autumn wardrobe! What I love about these bad boys is just how much warmth they hold. You can wear your cute summer clothes underneath and still stay warm. I love layering the Milea Jacket Creme over my outfit when it’s super cold and rainy outside. Then it’s so easy to slip off when you’re burning it up on the d-floor!

Collared Shirt

NL4_742542bc-e1f4-48d5-9487-35e037aab449_660x1024_crop_bottomCollared shirts are a wardrobe STAPLE this season!  It’s such a transformative piece. I have one in all my fave colours. I love pairing the Eave Shirt in white with a denim skirt and statement belt on warmer autumn days. On cooler days I wear them half tucked into vintage levis with a heap of gold jewellery. This kind of top is perfect for elevating your look!

Slip Dress

laura-jade-stone-valentines-day-3_660x1024_crop_bottom.jpgSlip dresses can be worn in so many ways. I have about a dozen at this point, because they’re just so versatile! For warm autumn days I team my Lamour Mini Dress in pink with sandals or ankle boots and maybe a denim jacket if I’m feeling it. When it’s cooler, I’ll pair it with a black turtleneck jumper underneath and black stockings.

Ankle Boots


Ankle boots are always a good option in the Autumn months. I like to buy a new pair each season because I’ve usually worn out my old pair, this season I’ve gone for the Therapy Malone Boots in black. I love this style of boot because you can pair them with skirts and dresses, but they look fierce with jeans too. And of course they’ll keep your feet dry and toasty on wet and miserable mornings.

The “jeans and a nice top” TopNL13_1e380d50-acc3-472e-ac27-6d0a3269b083_660x1024_crop_bottom.jpg

In autumn, every girl knows that the night-out uniform is jeans and a nice top. So basically it’s a must that you have at least one new “nice top” ready to go for a girls night out! This season, silky, slinky cami tops are back in style and oh so cute. Pair the Pippy Cami in navy with the new Milea Jacket Creme and some vintage levis for a stylish yet practical night on the town look!

Mia Steiber is the Shopping and Beauty Editor at finder.com.au

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