Say Goodbye to Oily Skin with these 5 Skin Hacks

The sad reality is, as an oily skin queen or king; you’re going to be an oily skin(er) for the rest of your life. I myself am an all over oily skinned gal, so I understand the struggle. But fear no more, as I have a variety of tips to keep your oils to a minimum for up to 6 hours, reduce excessive oil flow, and to keep your makeup application in place without that shiny appearance!

1. Don’t just assume that because you’re oily you shouldn’t wear moisturiser underneath your makeup
This is a big no-no. Did you know that oily skin means that your skin is dry? I apologise if I just gave you a brain spasm. But you either have dry skin that simply cannot produce enough oil, or dry skin that’s over producing oil because it’s craving it. You need to nourish your skin and feed it what it needs!

A moisturiser is also a fantastic alternative for a primer, so you most certainly do not want to skip this step in your make up routine! I suggest a gel, rather than anything too thick and creamy, to keep the oiliness at a minimum when wearing make up!

The perfect go-to moisturiser is the ‘Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion’ from The Body Shop. Its gel formula mattes down the appearance of shine and is deeply hydrating. Winning!

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 12.22.15 pm

2. Avoid silicone-based primers
Trust me, I know how satisfying it is seeing your pores disappear underneath a silicone primer. But these primers are no good for oily skin types, as they sit on top rather than penetrate into the skin. This will make your makeup slide across your face and will not keep your oils to a minimum. An amazing silicone-free primer is the Hangover Primer by Too Faced.


Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 3.20.55 pm


3. Apply jojoba oil before bed to reduce the heavy oil flow
Jojoba has a fountain of benefits, including the fact that it mimics the natural sebum in your skin (Sebum = Skins natural oils).

Remember how I mentioned earlier that oily skin is dry skin that craves oil? Here is your answer to solving that problem. Applying jojoba oil before bedtime will allow the oil to sink deeply enough into your skin overnight to mimic sebum the next day. This means no excess oil and incredible makeup application and wear!


Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 3.28.08 pm


4. Do not pack powder on top of oils
I think we’ve all been guilty of this on various occasions in our lives – in the bathroom of the date you’re on, or in the midst of a night out in a club – and we’ve come out looking worse than we did originally.

Instead of reaching for the powder, fetch yourself some cheap blotting pads to throw in your handbag. These will freshen up your face without leaving your makeup looking cakey. Place the pads onto your skin, but do not rub! Simply pat then remove.


5. Invest in a satin/matte finish foundation.
There’s nothing quite like that luminous, dewy, glowing skin-like makeup application for the summer time, but you wont be thanking that dewy-finish foundation after 2 hours wear when your oil flow starts kicking in. If you want that luminous finish, use a highlighter on the high points of your face instead. You don’t want to have that extra-glow in the areas where you produce the most oils.

Investing in a matte foundation with long wear benefits means the oily appearance will be kept to a minimum for longer. The ‘Pro Filter Soft Matte Long Wear Foundation’ by Fenty Beauty is my top pick for oily skin! It is full coverage, mattes you down like no tomorrow, is exceptionally long lasting on the skin, provides a blurring effect, it’s cruelty free and overall looks spectacular on your skin.


Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 12.25.15 pm.png


You simply cannot change your skin type, but you can maintain a healthy one. Don’t treat oily skin like it doesn’t need any more oils. Both dry and oily skins need the same amount of care and nourishment. Your makeup application will last longer, and your skin will look and feel better if you look after it!

For more life changing and beauty game changer hacks, head straight on over to my instagram @thebeautybybell and website!

By Arabella Richards.


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