Coachella Do’s and Don’t’s

Ahhh, Coachella. Need I say more? For some of us, going to Coachella is at the top of our bucketlist (me included). However, for the those of you who are lucky enough to actually be attending Coachella this year, I know what you’re thinking. WHAT THE F*** DO I WEAR? With the Coachella countdown on, us BB girls are perfecting our guide to the ULTIMATE Coachella fit. Keep reading if you want to know the Do’s and Don’t’s for the best music festival of the year.


Ladies, think BREATHABLE. Coachella is based in California’s Colorado Desert area which means it is friggen HOT. If you want to make sure you survive three days in the desert, think lightweight and breathable clothing. You want to make sure you have ultimate air circulation. In other words, let crochet, mesh and lace be your best friend. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!
We suggest our Candy Apple Bodysuit or our Tomorrowland Mesh Dress Pink


Straightening your hair for Coachella sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? WRONG! Ladies, don’t fall for this trap. This is honestly the most important tip I can give any festival attendee. If you are anything like me and humidity does things to your hair that you can’t bare to speak of, then do yourself a favour and braid your hair like its never been braided before. Speaking from experience, I don’t wan’t anything to stop me from dancing all night and feeling like I’m not looking my best is an absolute mood killer. Do yourself a favour and get your hair up in braids, throw some glitter down your part (we think the Glitter Bomb Forest Green Glitter Pot is the way to go) and you could even accessorise with some hair rings (such as our Starlight Hair Ring Silver) and you’ll be humidity free all festival long.


Let’s face it, festivals are one of the only places where getting out your buns is socially acceptable and us ladies aren’t afraid to take advantage of that. If showing a bit of skin isn’t your thing (no judgement) then one tip that I would suggest is to invest in a pair of fishnet stockings. Not only do fishnet stockings give the illusion of having your legs basically covered, but they take any festival outfit to the next level. Also, they are breathable AF, thank me later. We think the Danger Game Fishnet Stockings Pink are the perfect festival addition.



Don’t, and I mean DON’T forget your feet. Sounds stupid, I know. But take it from me, being on your feet all day for three days straight, your feet will honestly be destroyed. Unless you want to look at your feet and not actually know where they are because they have camouflaged with the ground beneath them, make sure you’re prepared with a comfy pair of closed shoes. We think the Lipstik Infinity Boots Black or the Bad To The Bone Gumboots (think rain and mud), are the way to go!


Accessorise, accessorise, accessories. Ladies, I can’t stress enough how important the little details of your outfit are. Essentially, you could take any basic playsuit, accessorise the crap out of it and you have the ultimate festival look. Hit your collarbones, cheeks and inner-corners with a tonne of glitter, throw on a hat and a fringed leather belt (chunky boots and indie sunnies go without saying) and you will absolutely SLAY Coachella like a total BABE. We suggest the Witch Doctor Fringed Belt Black and the So Sassy Cat Eye Sunglasses White.

If you’re loving these festival DO’s and DON’T’s, check out our Festival Collection.

By Elizabeth Tortorici

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