Life Changing Beauty Hacks

The power of beauty isn’t always as easy as it seems. The struggles to
achieve that flawless finish, budget your makeup and skincare, and limit your
breakouts can seem almost impossible. Which is exactly why I’ve created this ultimate beauty hacks guide for all you beauty junkies out there!


1. Mini Mascara to the Rescue.

Purchasing mini mascaras rather than regular-sized ones will actually be a lot
more beneficial to you. Bigger mascaras hold more air in them, therefore the
product will dry out quicker. A miniature one is also a lot more handbag/ clutch
appropriate and are much cheaper!

2. Pore filler on no makeup days.

You know what’s better looking than pore filler under foundation? Pore
filler on it’s own. I love using the POREFESSIONAL pore filler from benefit
cosmetics purely for my no makeup days as it blurs my skin to perfection
and fills in those little pores. Sometimes I’ll use this then just put on some
mascara and lip gloss and I’m set for the day.
Even a Full-beat Queen like myself still loves to have her natural days.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.41.01 am

3. Toilet Paper can soak up your oils.

If your oils have decided to make an appearance and you don’t have
blotting papers handy, take the corner of a square sized piece of toilet
paper and pull the paper in two half’s. You’ll be left with two individual
pieces that are super thin. Place these on the oilier parts of your face and
pat them directly onto the skin. Do. Not. Rub. Once you’ve removed the
paper, you’ll see all the excess oil on it, but absolutely no makeup would
of had been removed!

4. Gel Moisturizer.

Switching to a gel moisturizer for daytime will actually reduce black
heads and white heads, and will make your makeup last longer if you’re
an oily skin king or queen. I love the Tea tree moisturizer for this purpose
from The Body Shop.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.43.03 am

5. Big ass LIPS. Fake it till’ you make it.

This is honestly my guilty pleasure. I would go get lip fillers but I also
have a raging phobia of needles, especially near my face. So I just create
the illusion of bigger lips with makeup. Of course, slightly over drawling
your lips helps, but I also love using the concealer and gloss method

6. Blonde regrowth calls for dark eye shadow.

My hair is a couple of shades lighter than what it actually appears to be, so
therefore I get lighter regrowth. Which by the way… not a good look at all,
especially when you’re trying to rock a slicked back pony. I love using
dark brown eye shadows in my regrowth as it stays all day and looks the
most natural. My foundation brush is no longer my foundation brush, it is my regrowth

7. Fuller Hair, Don’t Care.

The easiest and quickest way I find to give my hair that extra volume is to
give it a thorough brush through, then bend over so that all of your hair
has fallen around your face, and then spray the life out of it with hair
spray! Once you stand back up you will most likely look like a crazy
person, but just give it a little shake and a brush through, style it how you
usually would, and you’ll find that your hair looks and feels thicker.

8. Breakout days call for mineral days.

I’m not saying go full-time mineral, just part time. Majority of us suffer
from breakouts, and foundation is one of the biggest causes of them. So
when you’re going through your breakout phase, whether its caused by
hormones, sugar intake, sweat, or simply too much makeup wear, switch
to mineral foundation and powder. Mineral means it’s non-comedogenic;
therefore it won’t clog your pores. This makes the hugest difference in
your skin, even if you just go mineral for a couple of days.
My most loved mineral products are the EX1 invisiwear foundation and
the La Mav mineral foundation powder. Brands such as Nude by nature
and Bare Minerals are fantastic mineral brands also.

9. Dish washing liquid could be your best friend.

I’d like to dedicate this hack to my mum, Tracy. One day I was applying
my Fenti Beauty foundation, and if y’all are Fenti Beauty users, you know
that this foundation is THICK AF and dries extremely quickly. Any who,
this dribbled down my brand new CUE top and I basically had a mental
breakdown. I tried everything to get it out and couldn’t, but I needed it
out immediately as I was heading to work. My mum suggested dish
washing liquid, which I thought was absolutely ridiculous… until I actually used it. This method removed the foundation from my top in
an instant! I just poured the tiniest amount of dishwashing liquid on the stain and dabbed it with a paper towel, splashed some water on the area and removed
the excess liquid. Foundation stain… GONE! :’)

10. Turn your old mascaras into a new product.

You know that awkward stage of owning mascara where it hasn’t
completely run out but it’s not enough to coat your lashes with? Yeah, I
hated that stage, until I discovered that this stage of your mascara makes
for a perfect eyebrow coat. I brush the mascara wand through my brows
and it truly gives that extra volume and pigment, and keeps them in place
for longer. Keep in mind though this could only work for brows that are
on the darker side.

11. I’m a baker, not a faker.

Did you know that baking works just as well as contouring for making
your nose appear slimmer and sharpening your cheekbone contours?
Checkout down below how!

12. Fall out? No problem.

If you’re an under eye baker, try applying your eye shadow once you’ve
applied your translucent powder. Keep the powder there for catching
fallout. Once you’ve finished glamming your eyes, wipe away the bake
with your powder brush and all the fall out will disappear too!


13. Online Beauty.

Online beauty boutiques such as Adore Beauty, RY beauty, and Look
Fantastic stock some of the most-loved makeup and skin care brands. I
have no doubt that you would find at least 5 brands on each of these
websites that you absolutely love and then another 5 brands that you
have never heard of.
These sites are a fantastic opportunity to get experimental with other
brands and majority of the time they offer after pay. Therefore you can
stock up on all the products you love or want to try without having to travel to other places and you can put them all on after pay!
They usually also send you little thank you goodies and testers with your
purchases. NOT TO MENTION they occasionally have discounts on
products and gift packs! Even on some of our most favoured brands.

14. Gift Packs.

This is another fantastic way of discovering products you wouldn’t think
you’d ever use. If you’re low on a product you love and notice that it’s also
in a gift pack, choose the gift pack rather than the product on it’s own. The
amount of times I’ve done this and have discovered a product I’m now more obsessed with than the product I purchased the gift pack for, is
Stores and online stores such as Mecca or Sephora always stock exciting
Gift Packs, especially around Christmas time.

15. Mixing your foundation with moisturizer.

Want a little coverage but not as much as your favorite foundation
provides? Mix it in with a little bit of moisturizer to sheer it down. It will
still do all the amazing things your foundation does, but just on the lighter

16. Applying oil control setting spray before your foundation.

If applying oil control setting spray after all of that makeup keeps oils to a
minimum, imagine how little oils you’d get applying it directly onto your
skin? I have used this method a few times and I can genuinely say it
works. Once you’ve sprayed your face, pat it in with the palm of your
hands, and then apply your foundation. Of course I’d also recommend
applying the spray after your makeup.

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For more life changing and beauty game changer hacks, head straight on
over to my instagram @thebeautybybell and website!


By Arabella Richards 

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