Australia’s most Insta-worthy cocktails!

We all love cocktails, but the best kind of cocktails are those that look almost too amazing to drink. What better way to spend a gals day or a hot date than sipping some pretty cocktails and wearing some cute party dresses to match. Oh and that insta shot after is only a bonus!


Brisbane- Comuna Cantina

We vote Comuna Cantina to be Brisbane’s hottest cocktail joint. Located in the CBD, Comuna boasts clean crisp whites contrasting the vibrant colours of the cocktails, and a whole lot of yummy and colourful Latin inspired street food. It’s always an added bonus to have delicious food to compliment those creative and extravagant drinks.

What’s an art-piece cocktail like that without an incredible outfit to complete that insta-worthy shot! With such girly cocktails, we think the Lamour Mini Dress in Pink would fit perfectly with the Comuna aesthetic.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.31.58 am

Melbourne- Om Nom Kitchen

Think of the most creative ways to serve a cocktail, and you’ll find it here at Om Nom Kitchen, located in Melbourne’s CBD. Om Nom Kitchen gives off rustic sophistication, with these creative cocktails. These creations are the epitome of food art, that even had us questioning whether they were edible.

To match the sophistication of this venue we suggest the Pippy Slip Dress in Black ,which boasts elegance and is the perfect party dress for a night out on the town!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.56.01 am

Adelaide- The Bibliotheca Bar

Adelaide has set the bar high with their alleyway and rooftop cocktails bars, and the Bibliotheca Bar is no exception! Their cocktails are presented in a variety of creative ways, and taste delicious too!

We think that the Sasha Mini Wrap Dress Emerald Green is the perfect balance of elegance, retro, and chic, and will have heads turning all night long!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.27.51 am

Sydney- Milky Lane

For outrageously fun food and bevy’s, Milky Lane has got you covered! Located in Bondi and Cronulla, Milky Lane’s food is perfect for soaking up those delicious desert cocktails, with American style food and sweets (think mac and cheese donuts and Golden Gaytime waffle sticks?! Omg).

We think Milky Lane suits something a bit more fun and casual, like the Weekender Playsuit Red Floral is the perfect outfit for a Milky Lane visit.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.30.39 am.png

Perth- Measure Bar

Measure Bar is dessert and cocktail bar located in Mount Lawley, Perth. The cocktails come in a variety of colours and flavours including lemon meringue, and the bar has incredible artsy desserts to indulge in too!

We think that Measure bar calls for something trendy and elegant like the Sacred Wrap Dress in White. While this dress can be dressed up with heels and accessories, it can also be paired with sandals and worn as a summer dress. (Two outfits in one!)

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.59.03 am.png

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By Libby Barber

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