How To: Gorgeous Beachy Waves with Hello Hair

While summer may be the perfect season to show off that hot bikini and those natural beachy curls, it’s now easy to get that hair style all year round! There are lots of ways to create the look, and we’ve taken out all the hard work for you and found the 5 best ways to create the perfect beachy waves, even in winter! We also have some of our fave 9.0 bandeau and underwire bikini tops, and hipster and ruched cheeky bikini bottoms that go with that summery hair and glow.

For all of these styles, hydration is the key to achieving the perfect beach style wave. Luckily, our friends over at Hello Hair have got you covered with their all natural, vegan and cruelty free products. For best value for money we recommend their ‘Hydrate Your Hair’ pack at only $95! This pack includes their natural hydrating shampoo and conditioner, original hydrating mask, island escape mask and botanic edition mask. And good news babes, they have afterpay!

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 4.05.16 pm.png

Start each style by applying a few squirts of one of the Hello Hair hydrating masks from root to ends of already dry hair. Ladies with nut allergies make sure you read over the ingredients list to confirm they are safe for you to use as some do contain nut products. Leave the mask in for 30 minutes and then wash out with their hydrating shampoo and conditioner for the best results. Next, blow-dry hair with a round brush, but don’t forget to use your own heat protective spray to ensure you keep those ends healthy. After each style, spritz some sea-salt spray into the ends of hair to get a more beachy look.


P.s how hot is this Montego Underwire Bikini Top Metallic Red and the Byron Bikini Bottoms in Metallic red.

  1. Curl it: Curling wand waves are the best for short to long hair and are the best way to achieve perfect beach waves as you have more control over how ‘neat’ each curl turns out. Start by grabbing 1 inch sections and curling them away from your face using a straight barrel wand (gone are the days of the clamp!) until you reach the middle-back of your head. From here, curl a few strands towards your face. This will create a more natural looking wave. Once all layers are done, run over lightly with a paddle brush and squirt the ends with sea-salt spray to complete the beach look
  2. Tie it: For those not skilled with a curling and find it hard to keep track of which pieces haven’t been curled, a simpler way is the ponytail trick. Beach waves start about half way down the head, so start by tying a ponytail there and using a straight wand curl just the strands of hair that are tied up. Again, use a paddle brush to make the curls more looser and natural.
  3. Twist it: While a hair straightener can be a daunting tool to use for curls, don’t fret because this look requires hardly any concentration or close call burns! All you have to do is split the hair into two sections and twist tightly. Next, run the hair straightener over the twist and release. If you aren’t satisfied with how the waves turned out, just repeat this step until you are.


For the last two styles, you can choose to have your hair dry or damp, depending on how ‘natural’ you’d like the waves to look.

Spraying a small amount of small amount of sea salt spray before styling will enhance how they turn out. 

  1. Braid it: Perhaps the easiest of all, this style requires no heat! Simply split hair into two sections, and French braid each side tightly. Sleep in braids overnight and run over a brush the next morning to get out any kinks.
  2. Bun it up: A few strategically placed buns all it takes to complete this look. Simply split hair into four sections and twist into tight buns (two on top of head and two at the nape of your neck) and pin them into place so they won’t fall out overnight. In the morning brush over hair to make it flow together nicely and if needed revive with more sea salt spray.

We also think our 9.0 Swim Maya Bandeau Bikini Top Metallic Lilac and the Tulum Bikini Bottoms Metallic Lilac would look HOT with those beachy waves.


Now that you’ve perfected the beach wave, pair it with a bikini from our gorgeous 9.0 swimwear range and see what your summer wardrobe has been missing!

By Ashleigh Minnell



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