The Generation of the Kid-Dashians

Let’s be real for a second. Let’s be completely open and honest here. As much as it brings a tear to my eye, one day the ‘KarJenners’ (or otherwise known as the Kardashians & the Jenners) will be no more. They will grow old and no longer have the capability to walk in Paris Fashion Week, or ride backwards on a motorcycle in their husband’s music video, or release another makeup line and swatch all the way up to their eyeballs in lipstick shades. And as all good things must come to the end, so will the original KarJenners. However, there is a catch (thank God). The reality is that the ‘KarJenners’ won’t really come to an end. And that ladies and gentlemen, is what I like to call the Next Generation of the Kid-dashians. We are about to do a full Kardashian circle and I am ALL for it.

Mason Dash Disick
The oldest of the next generation and first son of Kourtney Kardashian
and Scott Disick, Mason will be the man in charge. In recent times, Mason has become quite the fashionista like his father, so perhaps he will pursue a career in menswear or maybe open up a restaurant in NYC like his Scott’s shoes?

Penelope Disick
Three years shy of her big brother, Penelope will be the eldest girl
amongst them all. Her friendship with North West will be a life-long
camaraderie, with them perhaps going into future business together —
whatever that may be. If all else fails, at least the cousins will always
have each other to rely on when life in the limelight gets tough.

North West
Being the first child of Kim and Kayne, North West has already planted
her feet solidly in the garden of fame. North has proved herself to be quite
sassy and a strong-willed lil’ lady in the past few years (please refer to
internet memes) and will no doubt hold similar qualities to her parents:
hard-working, successful and never seen without her accessories. She takes OTT to new heights.

Saint West
Saint has already shown the world that he’s a mini-Kanye West just waiting to happen. Perhaps Saint will go into the music business, whilst dabbling into the fashion world (a future collaboration between Saint and Mason, perhaps? If so, I am calling it now and wanting a cut!). It’s obvious that Saint doesn’t have a lack of opportunity to explore any future endeavours he may wish to, so let’s hope to see something of obscure greatness occur within the next two decades or so.

Dream Renee Kardashian

We only hope the daughter of weird-love-triangle-square-circle-thing-couple of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, Dream, won’t be estranged from the rest of the family to the liking of her parents. It’s hard to say what Dream will do in this new generation, but here’s hoping she and her cousins form a solid relationship with one another.

Stormi Webster
The first child from the Jenner side of the family is Stormi, Kylie Jenner
and Travis Scott’s daughter who was most recently welcomed into the
world and into this crazy, blessed, successful family. Following in the
footsteps of her mother, Stormi may dive into the beauty world… or
maybe she’ll become a rapper like dad? Or why not both? A rapping makeup artist maybe? Who knows. Whatever she does, I’m here for it. No doubt, Stormi will slay.

Kylie posted THE first pic of Stormi to her Instagram (@kyliejenner) on Feb 7th

By Samantha Murrant

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