5 Adorable and Affordable Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

Be it Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or you want to spoil your lucky lady or man, there is nothing more rewarding than when they know how much you care.

Here are five adorable and affordable ways to say, “I Love You,” without having to channel your inner Kayne and rent a whole baseball stadium!


Also, to all my single ladies reading this, why not treat yourself and your BFF’s to some of these tips.

1. Lazy day

Being lazy together is a beautiful thing! I am talking Uber eats, PJs and Netflix. Spend time together without your phones, snuggle and chat. If you want to look cute while staying comfy, the Belle Sleep Crop & Shorts in Rose are, perfect for your lazy date.

Bae, Pizza, Netflix. Tick, Tick, Tick!

2. Be active

Alright, let’s flip and reverse tip number 1, by going outside and exercising. Together enjoy a long romantic walk on the beach, hike, surf, swim or snorkel. Step out of your comfort zones and experience new activities and destinations together. Plenty of laughs, quality time and lifelong memories are guaranteed. 

You are sure to be the only view he’s looking at in the Found Basics Formation Crop Playoff Shorts in Black!

3. Food, food and food.

Oh, boy do I agree with the saying ‘the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.’ If you cannot afford a fancy dinner at a restaurant, do not worry! Be creative and have fun making something together at home, treat bae to breakfast in bed, or a romantic picnic.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.23.29 pm
BFF’s @jacimariesmith and @zoelaz sharing the love and munchin’ on avo.

4.  Share it

Whether it’s an adorable Instagram upload or an early morning text message for when your love wakes up, a meaningful expression of your feelings is priceless.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.24.58 pm
Family appreciation post done right by hot mama @tammyhembrow

5. Treat yourself

Ok, technically, this is not something you can do as a couple. But, why not buy a sexy outfit you know he or she will love like the Candy Apple Bodysuit. Single ladies; why not treat yourself to something special too! The Aluna Slip Dress in Red is bound to get people wishing you were theres.

For more smoking hot looks for your Valentine’s or Galentine’s day check out our 5 Smokin’ Hot Looks for your Val(gal)entine’s Day Date!

By Grace C

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