How To: Jaw Dropping Valentines Makeup

The day that’s all about chocolates, hearts and roses is right around the corner. That’s right… Valentines day. Of course, how you’re going to perfect your Valentines Day makeup depends on what you and your honey are doing for this special occasion- Dinner and drinks… Picnic at your favourite park… Or late night movies and ice cream?
Luckily for you, I have a how-to makeup guide for all these charming Valentines Day date ideas!

Dinner and drinks.

It’s all about the eyes… Exotic and Striking. Remember, the eyes are the key to the soul, (apparently?) So you want them to have absolute WOW! Factor.

Bring out the flirty and thick lashes, a dark waterline for the illusion of a sultry stare, and a smoky eyelid. But nothing too dramatic… You don’t want them to think you’re going to pull a runner later and go clubbing with your girlfriends. Keep it soft, perhaps a bronze or silver smoky lid rather than jet-black.

The perfect mascara for your hot date would be the Better Than Sex Mascara by too faced. This mascara gives exceptional volume and will make them look incredibly dark.


The go-to eye pencil would be the Models Prefer Matte Black Kohl Pencil.
This is extremely pigmented, easy to glide on, and it won’t fade easily.
Apply this directly above your lash line as well as your water line. Once you’ve applied it to your upper lash line, smudge it out with either your ring finger or a dense eye shadow brush to create the smoky look. Check out how this looks in the picture above!

As for lips, keep it nude. Nude lips with smoky eyes is the perfect example of alluring. Dot a small amount of concealer in the center of your lips after applying your lipstick and dab it in lightly with your ring finger. Then pat a light amount of gloss in the center of the lips. This will make the lips appear plumper (AKA kissable.)

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.15.50 am.png

Complete the look with some bling! The Young Hearts earrings in Gold will make for a charming touch this Valentines Day occasion.


Keep it simple but sweet, just like the date itself. This means rosy lips with a natural base.

You want your lips to look flirty and kissable, but you don’t want to cause a hot mess when they actually do go in for the kiss. Pink and Red lipstick smeared all over yours and their mouth isn’t a good look, so make sure to use a liquid lipstick, such as the Jeffrey Star Velour liquid lipstick in the shade “Rose Matter ”.

It’s super flattering on all skin tones, lasts all day long, and feels exceedingly comfortable on the lips. I have this shade on my lips in the picture above.

Don’t forget to add a pop of highlighter to the high points of your face! How gorgeous will the sun look reflecting off your highlighter, as well as off a pair of low drop earrings? Perhaps the Germain Earrings in Gold! These will go perfectly with your simple but sweet makeup look.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.17.10 am.png


You want them to think “Wow… I can’t believe I’m with this gorgeous girl.” When they see your face after sitting in a dark cinema together for 2-3 hours… And this requires a flawless base.

A flawless base calls for a flawless foundation. My suggestion for oily skins…  Avoid illuminating foundations. And for dry skins… Avoid anything mattifying. Lean towards the perfect combination of both, such as the Hourglass Seamless Vanish Stick.  This foundation camouflages imperfections, has a flawless finish, and provides full coverage.

As for the eyes, you can never go wrong with a touch of colour on the lids. A gorgeous shade of pink with iridescent gold for Valentines Day adds a charming touch as well as a pop of champagne in the inner corners. I used the Carli Bybel Deluxe palette for my eyes from BH Cosmetics. The shadows are easy to blend, pigmented, and this palette has such a variety of beautiful Valentines Day appropriate colours you can play with. A similar wash of pink on the high points of your cheeks and lips will tie the look together.

To finish off the look, frame your face with a bit of bling! The Marilyn Diamante Wrap Necklace in Silver will go perfectly with your flawless base!

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.27.31 am.png

There you have it! My guide for the ultimate go-to glam for Valentines Day activities. If you have a Day Date and absolute no clue what to wear check out our Valentine’s Day Date Outfit Ideas!

By Arabella Richards

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.16.34 pm.png

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