6 Festival Essentials You Must NOT forget to pack!

Festival season is well and truly upon us, and we believe it’s never too soon to put our outfit planning into overdrive. Do we rock a co-ord or a onesie? How much sparkle is enough? Can we pair silver and gold sparkles with a truckload of glitter? How should we do our hair?

The preparations list goes on forever, which is why your sneaky essentials can get lost along the way… but as always, we have your back! Amongst all the glitter and glitz there are a few essentials you should definitely take to your next festival that you wish you would’ve thought about sooner.


Some Sun Protection

There’s nothing worse than spending weeks preparing for a festival than feeling the Australian heat a little too heavily. Sunstroke, dehydration and severe sunburn are the last accessories you want to be sporting at a summer festival.

With our selection of hats, sunnies and drink bottles you’ll be well equipped to tackle to Aussie Sun and enjoy the tunes without any troubles!

Lack Of Colour Riviera Cap Gold

Hadid Sunglasses Black

Spare phone chargers

You’ll be spewing if your phone dies halfway through filming your favourite artists set. While there are charging stations filtered throughout the grounds, you can never be too prepared. Pre charge a couple of power packs before you head off – that way you’ll never miss a music act and can capture the festivals best moments.

Cute but Comfy Shoes

We can all agree that beauty is pain, but when you’re in a mosh for eight hours straight you may require a bit of backup.

As the day rolls on and the feet aches become real, trade your festival boots in for a pair of sneakers. We personally can’t go past a pair of Vans for that perfect combo of comfort and style.

Shop our sneaker collection, and be sure to pick out the right pair for you.

Vans Embossed Sidewall US Old Skool Sneaker Sepia Rose


There’s no doubting you’ll be planning your festival outfits weeks in advanced, but what if the weather is just too hot. At times our Aussie summer exceeds 40 degrees and less will be your best friend. A simple bodysuit styled over some fishnet stockings has become a cult classic in our festival wardrobe and it may be worth your while packing one for back ups.

The 9.0 St Barts or Aruba One Piece’s are simple staples that you can style your own way, and the swimwear material will absorb any water or sweat you’ve collected along the way.


And as hot as it can get during the day, it threatens to reach cool temperatures at night. We expect you to be stocked up with dazzling daytime outfits, but you can never be too prepared for a change in the weather. I Am Gia’s Pixie Coat screams festival vibes, with the teddy-like texture keeping you warm but looking cool as ever.


You could be breaking a sweat in the mosh, greeted by some unexpected rain and cooling down in a drink bottle shower – whatever the case you’ll need a towel to dry you off. No one wants to be feeling uncomfortably wet (or sweaty) so packing a towel in your bag will keep you looking and feeling fresh all festival long. Shop our cute collection of towels to take with you!

We hope this last minute essentials checklist prepares you for the best festival ever! If you’re still searching for the perfect outfit, be sure to browse our collection to find something just right for you.

Not sure what festival to go to next? Check out our 2018 Australian Festival Calendar

By Marnie Cohen

“On a never ending hunt for the perfect pair of shoes.”


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