How to: creating a party must-have platter and cheese board

Platters and cheese boards are this summer’s hottest event trend! They range from over the top garden party setup platters to a mouth-watering board for a BFF sleepover. Platters and cheese boards are perfect for lust-worthy Instagram moments and can be a showstopper at your next event. Plus, who does not love gorging into a cheeky platter!

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 2.11.17 pm
@elsas_wholesomelife on Instagram serving up serious platter envy


It may be some of the cheesiest advice you ever receive (wink, wink) but pop onto Pinterest or Instagram and stalk some cheeseboards. Both sites are full of drool-worthy inspiration! Knowing what looks, food, taste and texture you are after before visiting the supermarket will help prevent hyperventilating at the deli. We definitely recommend checking out hashtags for further inspo. But note to self: do not do when hungry.

Pick your surface

From crates, chopping boards, glass trays to marble slabs, pick a practical and fun surface for your event. Think how many people you want to feed and your event theme and go from there.

Meat options

The Italians sure love their cured meats! With so many options available it is best to do some research beforehand. My essentials are salami and prosciutto. Have a chat with your butcher or at the local supermarket deli and ask for a sample taste so you know what delights your palate.

If you do not like or prefer not to eat meat, no worries! That’s the perk of creating your own board.

Cheese options

Pick one or a combo of cheeses. Mixtures of soft and hard textures and mild, medium or intense flavours are sure to impress. Think brie, gouda and feta.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 2.20.41 pm
@_thetablehunter on Instagram makes it look oh so simple.

Accent options

Accents are where it is. They are the accessories in your perfect platters and cheese board outfit. Add as much or as little as you like from these ideas – olives, breads, crackers, dips, fruit (dried or fresh), herbs, nuts and of course, sweets.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 2.13.10 pm
@yourplattermatters add greenery to make this spread on point.


Tips and tricks

  • Add colour and texture to platters with flowers and plants
  • Use crockery of different sizes to break up the layout and also create patterns
  • Slice fresh ingredients (fruit) for ease of eating and layout


Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 1.30.55 pm
Serious table inspo from @yourplattermatters (on Instagram)

Platters and cheese boards are lots of fun to make and even better to eat. Have fun, mix textures and flavours and be sure to upload lots of pictures.

Wanna up the ante and take your platters outside? Get your hands on the Sunnylife Bottle Tote Montauk and the Sunnylife Lovers Picnic Set Andaman to take your platters to the next level.

Feel free to comment and share your own tips and tricks!

By Grace C

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