There are a gazillion, trillion and billion makeup tips ‘n’ tricks in the world to create the flawless finish, but it all comes down to what your skin type is and how that’s going to appear through your makeup application.

I know the most frustrating things about having dry skin and wearing makeup are the following:

 1. Feeling like your skin is as dry as the Sahara desert.

2. Your skin flaking underneath your makeup, causing your hard work to become a hot mess.

3. Your makeup application cracking hours later.

That does not sound pleasant in the slightest. But I know how you can fix this issue!

Step 1 – Your skin care

 This plays such an important part in your makeup routine. I’d recommend applying facial oil after cleansing and exfoliating your skin at night. Dry skin is skin that craves oil, and feeding your skin oil while you’re sleeping is the perfect way to keeping your skin less dry and flaky! Your skin will thank you when it’s soaking up all those oils, and your makeup application will look 100 times better because your skin will hold onto those nourishing oils throughout the day, which means no more discomfort and no more hot messes! But not just any oil, please for the love of God don’t fetch the olive oil from the pantry… You’ll wake up with a mountain of blemishes. Use something like almond oil or coconut oil, or my most highly recommended of all… Jojoba oil.


 If you’re not keen on the idea of wearing a facial oil during snooze time, then I’d recommend a facial moisturiser that contains skin loving oils, such as the “Lala Retro Whipped cream” By Drunk elephant skincare (Mecca Maxima, $88)


Step 2 – a hydrating pre-foundation base

After a night of restful sleep and skin loving ingredients being soaked into your pores, cleanse your skin in the morning and apply a moisturiser before your foundation. I’d recommend a moisturiser that’s got hydrating benefits but is also lightweight. Thick and creamy moisturisers can often make the foundation slip and slide off during the day. Keep the buttery textured goodies for your nighttime routine or when you’re not wearing makeup! A moisturiser such as the famous “Dr Dennis Gross hyaluronic moisture cushion” (Mecca Maxima and Mecca Cosmetica, $30.00 – $84.00) is beautiful as it’s a gel-based moisturiser, therefore it’s going to feel super lightweight and will sink straight into the skin.


For a cheaper alternative, I’d recommend the “Simple replenishing rich moisturiser.” (Priceline Pharmacies, $10)


 Step 3 – the Makeup

A little tip from yours truly… Don’t pack on the powder. Powders often enhance the dryness and the flakiness in your skin, although I’m not saying don’t use powder at all… just don’t go overboard. A light touch on the brush will do the trick!

I’d recommend a super light weight and luminous finish powder such as the Ambient Lighting powder by Hourglass (Mecca Maxima and Mecca Cosmetica, $67) This looks beautiful on all skin types and tones as it doesn’t provide a colour but provides the loveliest sheen and makes your skin look flawless. I place this on the outer perimeters of my face and my cheeks, but it most definitely wont control the heavy oil flow down the centre of my face… #whyislifesohard.


After your makeup application I’d recommend drowning your skin in a hydrating mist / makeup spray. Something that’s going to not only make your skin feel hydrated, but something that’s going to make your makeup application look hydrated and less caked on as foundations and powders can enhance the appearance of dryness. I love the “Mario Badescu” facial spray for this purpose (Mecca Maxima, $9.00 – $17.00)


Just a little reminder to my dry skinned queens- it doesn’t matter what skin type you are, you are absolutely fabulous! Every skin type comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes I wish I were a dry skin gal so I could have the benefit of my makeup lasting a lot longer, but we’re all human beings and we cant change our skin type, but we can most certainly maintain a healthy one! Remember to feed your skin those juicy and replenishing oils and drink lots and lots of water! #Getoffatthehydrationstation.

By Arabella Richards 

For more absolutely life changing and beauty game changer tips and tricks, head over to my Instagram.

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