Where to find the best acai bowls in your city

Acai bowls took the world by storm slowly, then all at once. They’re not only insanely delicious – they’re nutritious! Featuring the mother of superfoods and rich in antioxidants, it’s hard to pass by this baby. Whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dessert, acai bowls are totally worth the buzz and will make your tummy smile.

Not sure where to find the best acai bowls in your city? Beginning Boutique has you covered with our list of five drool-worthy acai bowl cafes.

MELBOURNE: Cocomamas


This Melbourne gem is 100% vegan and gluten-free, and alongside its glorious acai bowls serves juices, smoothies and raw treats – how’s that for variety? Their nourishing treats will leave you feeling guilt-free and wanting more.

Instagram: cocomamasjuices

SYDNEY: Bare Naked Bowls


Known as Sydney’s ‘Superfood Café’, Bare Naked Bowls cater to your every dietary need. With fresh seasonal fruit and up to 8 different acai bowls, this place is bound to become one of your pit-stops on the daily!

Instagram: barenakedbowls

FREMANTLE: Ohana Acai Bar


It’s acai with a Hawaiian touch. This café’s affectionately named Ohana bowls are completely fresh and quickly made, perfect for on-the-go girls! Feel like having a lazy day? You can find Ohana Acai Bar on UberEats! (What a dream come true.)

Instagram: http://ohanaacaibar.com.au/

BRISBANE: Kiss the Berry


Want an acai specialist? Brisbane’s Kiss the Berry is for you. These acai bowls are bright, colourful, and totally insta-worthy. The KTB team promote a healthy and happy lifestyle mixing a passion for whole foods with exercise by conducting weekend workouts for the community. How cool is that?

Instagram: kisstheberry

AUSTRALIA WIDE: The Acai Brothers


It’s all in the name ladies – ACAI!

This superfood bar can be found in various locations across Australia (which means it must be pretty good!) There is nothing but good vibes at these acai shacks and the acai bowls are also available on UberEats – you’re welcome.

Instagram: acaibrothers

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By Shailin Brown

‘Lifestyle enthusiast, trend-spotter and lover of all things Summery!”


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