The Do’s and Don’t’s at your Work Xmas Party!

It’s that time of the year ladies, get out your Santa hats, glow up the Christmas tree and strategically place that mistletoe! It’s one of our favourite holidays here in our office, and we have made a list of Do’s and Don’t’s to get you through those (sometimes yawn-worthy) annual work Christmas parties.

Any excuse to wear a cute outfit while eating free food, right?

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DO: Attend

We’ll say it again: FREE FOOD! As tempting as lounging on your couch with a tub of ice-cream watching Mean Girls for the 100th time sounds, showing up to a work Xmas party will definitely put you in the good books. After all, the naughty list is something we must avoid if we want all those Beginning Boutique goodies in our stockings!

DON’T: Exceed your drinking limit

This is an obvious one. It may be a party, but you are surrounded by colleagues who would rather not see you stumbling around holding mistletoe above your head. Stay classy and professional yet wind yourself down with 2 or 3 drinks – just enough to give you a confidence buzz!

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DO: Socialise

Why be a wallflower when you can be a social butterfly? No one likes to feel awkward at a party, be sure to work the room and mingle with everyone to keep the Xmas spirit alive whether it be at the bar or on the dance floor. The only time you should whip out your phone is for a shameless group selfie of you with your work pals!

DON’T: Overdress

Let’s face it, us girls love a good glam session, however for this occasion it takes a simple yet sophisticated outfit to light up the room like a Christmas tree. Think colour – don’t wear black, be bold with glitter and red. Struggling to find the perfect Xmas outfit? Don’t stress, Beginning Boutique has you covered.

source (1)

Stressing about what to wear? Check out our ideas on what to wear to your office Xmas party!

By Shailin Brown

‘Lifestyle enthusiast, trend-spotter and lover of all things summery


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