Short Haul Vs Long Haul Vacays!

Living in Australia is awesome, right?! We live in a country in which the bulk of our year consists of glorious weather, never-ending beaches, not to mention we know how to throw a good barbie.

However, we’ll still drop everything for an opportunity to jetset off on an adventure, take a good airport selfie, shop for new bikinis and hunt down the hottest nightlife in new time zones. The big question is – short haul or long haul?

Short Haul vs Long Haul: Music Festivals

Short haul wins this one! If you’re anything like us, you’ll take full advantage of the amazing music that December brings – all within our home down under. We would advise you that if you’re heading overseas around Christmas that you take your trip before or after Falls Fest & Beyond The Valley, and we’ll be sure to save a spot for you in the front row *wink*.

Make way for all of the glitter and check out the BB Exclusives for a slogan tee and a killer patent skirt to nail that effortless festival look – go wild!

Short Haul vs Long Haul: Insta Pics


When looking at long haul, the call of The Greek Islands is too strong to ignore – we can practically hear Mykonos calling our name… loudly! With all of those beautiful landscapes and Instagram-worthy beaches, long haul is a definite choice here! Dare to match the sun in our mustard tones or turn the locals green with envy in our khaki one-piece. Either way, we know they’re going to be the staples of the summer so definitely explore the range that has something for every beach babe.

Short Haul vs Long Haul: Spa Breaks


Short haul trips are a definite thumbs up from us and with Bali under four hours away, it’s the perfect choice for a long weekend getaway. With Bali specialising in the ultimate relaxation, you can fill your days with yoga retreats, meditation and spa sessions. If you’re always in the gym like us (rolls our eyes), Bali offers all the scenery to make a work-out seem less like work and more like a fashion show in tropical conditions. If we’re taking anything to Bali, it’s going to be the Found Basics muscle tank dress – we can’t imagine doing “beach boot camp” in anything else!

Whether you go short haul or long haul this season, do it in style & don’t forget to show it off on Insta!

Can’t decide which route to take, have a read of the Instagram Top 5 Destinations predicted for this year! Happy holidaying!

By Kirsty Burke



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