6 of Bali’s most Insta-worthy cafes!

We’re always on the lookout for the coolest and hippest places to get the best Instagram snap and a great food! Sometimes in another country it can be a little hard to find the best ones.

Heading to Bali or thinking of planning a girls trip? That’s okay we’ve got you! Brooke Styles has sourced out the top 6 places to get that bagging Insta pic that everyone will get FOMO over!

KYND Community

When you leave this place you will be wishing there was a store back in Aus! It’s a slice of paradise inside out and trust me, as soon as you walk in you will feel comfortable posing for the camera! KYND is blogger central and you will not see someone without a phone Snapchatting or taking a few pics, plus the food is A-MAZ-ING! Below are some mouthwatering food snaps I got myself.

Location: Seminyak  Instagram: @kyndcommunity

Sea Circus

Sea Circus has been a hyped Mexican restaurant for a while now and for all the right reasons. If you want a strong Margarita and the best fish tacos this is the place. Not only does it serve the best its also another colourful hangout to get a great gram snap.  Its famous front of shop is painted from wall to wall so make sure you bring your best selfie game.

Location: Seminyak Instagram: @seacircus

DSC_0154 copy.jpg

DSC_0135 copy


This restaurant is a little less casual when it come to the menu choice but your taste buds will be thanking you. On top of the French styled booths and colour feature walls this place is hands down the best feed I’ve had all round. A couple of minutes out of Canggu, the scooter ride is worth it for these Instagram shots.

Location: Canggu Instagram: @foliebal

DSC_0361 copy

DSC_0340 copy


If you have been to Bali you know how cooling off is a must and sometimes is best to just stay by your hotel pool. Cabina has it all. Good food, mouth watering cocktails AND a pool.  Did I mention its playlist consist of the best old school bangers? Yep, you won’t want to leave and I’ve heard on Saturdays they hold the coolest pool party’s. Besides all of this it’s also a cool place to get a cool insta snap and share on your tropical holiday.

Location: Canggu Instagram: @cabinabal



Sun of Panama

Feel like stepping back in time and listening to 50s hits next a pool with a good burger. Sun of Panama is your place.  This retro pool bar also has a hit menu and crazy good locations for an Instagram photo.  Next to Canggu beach Sun of Panama is not only a good place to drop in but also spend the whole day at.

Location: Canggu Instagram: @sunofpanama

DSC_0195 copy

DSC_0265 copy

Coffee Cartel

This modern island café is full of good looks.  Its double story sitting space is located in the back streets of Seminyak but worth the find.  Indonesian and American style food, you wont be able to choose off the menu. Not only does it provide a good feed but also your Instagram will be thanking you for the photos you will capture here.

Location: Seminyak Instagram: @coffeecartelbali



There are always new cafes popping up in Bali and it has become a must do to have them in your holiday.  Have I also mentioned how cheap it is? That’s right Bali food is crazy cheap so hanging out at all these places wont break your bank! Yass!

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By Brooke Styles

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“Global trotter, food enthusiast, living for all things out of the comfort zone.”


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