Official Michael X Shani Merch has landed!

SURPRISE! We’ve been up to something super exciting with our babes Shani Grimmond and Michael Finch who have launched their first drop of merch today! This is a super limited release so get in quick! But don’t worry babes, there’s plenty more to come over the next couple of weeks.

Choose the merch to suit your mood and channel that sass with the NOT A PROBLEM, THANKQ, and CYA short and long sleeve slogan tees.

Shop these styles now!


IMG_9593IMG_9643Michael x Shani CYA Long Sleeve Tee Black

 IMG_9606Michael x Shani Not a Problem Tee White

IMG_9604Michael x Shani Not a Problem Long Sleeve Tee White

IMG_9624Michael x Shani THANKQ Cropped Tee White

img_9605.jpgMichael x Shani THANKQ Long Sleeve Cropped Tee White


Want to know how Michael achieves this stunning makeup look? Check out our post on How to Achieve a Flawless Finish with Michael Finch here!

Written by Nikkila Goulding

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