HOW TO: Bring your Winter Wardrobe into Spring !

Spring has arrived and as much as we love the warmer weather its hard to part with our winter wardrobe. Fortunately its not farewell just yet, there are a few sneaky tips and tricks that you can use to bring your winter clothes into the spring season.

TIP #1

DON’T BE SCARED TO WEAR JEANS! SO many people limit jeans to winter but they’re actually the perfect transitioning pants to wear in spring.

Rival Boyfriend Jean Black $79.95

Ripped, boyfriend jeans are the perfect spring pants. Not only will they be super comfy but aren’t going to make you overheat ! Jeans this ripped will feel as breezy as wearing shorts. On top of all this, ripped, boyfriend jeans are super easy to dress up or down !

Abrand A High Skinny Ankle Basher Buster White $129.95

White jeans are an awesome way to bring a bit more brightness to your wardrobe. White jeans are a key item that should be worn in almost all seasons (…maybe not summer). Easy to match with all outfits, these white jeans are a go-to for spring!

TIP #2

WEAR TRENCH COATS! There’s nothing better than a killa outfit topped off with a trench coat!

Spencer Trench Coat Grey $129.94

Trench coats should never be hidden away in the spring season ! Our top tip for these coats is don’t be afraid to pair it with a simple skirt and cute basic tee. Just because you’re not wearing it with jeans does’t mean it won’t match !

TIP #3

Boots are PERFECT for not just winter but Spring too! Not only are they amazing for spring weather but go with almost every outfit.

Lipstik Malter Boots Black $99.95

Boots are a MUST HAVE and are featured in almost every girls winter wardrobe collection. But why can’t we rock them in spring? WE CAN! Black boots can be worn with legitimately almost every outfit, including everything we’ve mentioned above.


If you still need a little more inspiration with your spring wardrobe have a read of our SPRING STYLE ESSENTIALS post!   

Written by: Jayde Grove


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