How to work out like your fave celeb!

The #fitspo trend is one that’s here to stay, and there’s no one better than our fave celebs to show us how it’s done. Here at BB we know there’s nothing quite as soul crushing as setting that 5am alarm to get up and go for a morning run. However there’s no denying it girls, Aussie winter is almost over and with summer just around the corner, we’ve sourced some inspiration to find the right workout for you!

Gigi Hadid: Boxing

Hard day at work? Fave top ruined in the wash? There’s nothing like a little bag bashing to lighten the load and provide a little stress relief. Not only does a boxing workout lead to a healthy body through cardio and strength training, but it also promotes a healthy mind. Gigi swears by boxing as the secret behind her killer abs, and her killer confidence! What’s cooler than being able to throw a good punch? Start your day with a boxing sesh to take the rest of your day by storm!


Steph Claire Smith: F45 Group Training

Group training is the best workout for those of you who are a little too prone to pressing the snooze button and staying under the covers all morning. You can’t pull out of this workout when everyone is going to know about it when you do! F45 has been taking over the fitness world since it came onto the scene, and if super babe Steph Claire Smith stands by it, then we do too! This super intense workout combines high intensity and circuit workouts to push you to your limits – on the plus side your friends will be there struggling through it too, and you’ll definitely earn that smashed avo afterwards!


Jasmine Tookes: Weight Training

Victoria’s Secret Model and absolute mega babe Jasmine Tookes isn’t one to shy away from the weight section at the gym! Although daunting, weight training is one of the most motivating workouts as it’s all about planning ahead, setting #goals and working harder each day to achieve them.  Swap up a few cardio sessions for some weights and leg day will have you showing off those buns of steel in no time!


Need some bangin’ activewear before you kick-off your fitness regime? Check out our Found Basics here!

Written by Nikkila Goulding

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