Become #fitspo this season.

We’ve all said it before…

“I’m going to start running!”
“Going to join a gym!”
“Workout regime commences this week.”
“Morning hike tomorrow who else is in?!?!”

And we’ve all equally crashed and failed. Whether it’s work, uni, school or other commitments that get in the way, we’ve all fallen off the healthy bandwagon at least once and it can be so hard to get back on it. We’ve decided to prep you with a few steps to help you along your fitness journey ensuring this time you stick to your healthy habits and kill the #fitspo game.

Goal Setting 

Goal setting is important to keep you on track with what you want to achieve in terms of fitness. An important tip when making goals is to be specific! Instead of wanting to just ‘get fit’ try narrowing down what you actually want to achieve in terms of your fitness goals. Things like wanting to ‘Run 5km without stopping’ or be able to ‘do 50 pushups’ are specific and easy to determine when you’ve accomplished them.


Finding Time 

Finding time is probably the hardest aspect of being healthy but everyone has the same amount of hours in the day so you can make it work. To make it a bit easier, on the days you can’t make it to the gym or down to the local path for a run make your exercise incidental. A good way to do this is dress for work or uni in your active wear and take every opportunity to get a bit of cardio in. Take the long road from your lecture to your next tutorial or go for a power walk in your work break. Every movement counts!



If you’re motivated to be healthy and work out, you will. Our biggest motivation tip is having a cute workout outfit! Ditch the old saggy leggings and top with holes in it, BB’s activewear range Found Basics has you covered. Grab a pair of our playoff shorts and a sports crops and you’ll etching to wake up early and start your day in your new active wear. If you want to go a step further you can even pick yourself up one of our Found water bottles and yoga mats so you’ve got all the healthy lifestyle equipment!



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Written by Ivy Mullins

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