How to wear colour in Winter

As the weather gets colder and we begin to reach for colours that suit the temperature and our mood. Greys, blacks and tans always dominate the streets as the temp drops and while we love a good monochrome outfit here at BB HQ, we also love feeling like a part of a rainbow because, who doesn’t?

We’ve pieced together our favourite ways to include colour in our day to day outfits this Winter.

Colour #1 RED

Red is a colour that instantly makes your outfit pop even if the rest of it is simple and understated. So keep warm and keep all eyes locked on you with our fierce red fur jacket. Channel your inner Kylie Jenner Valentine’s day vibes by stepping out in the rad three-quarter coat. Pair with short shorts and a tied tee for a festival look or throw on over your standard jeans and a t-shirt to make it look like you spent hours getting ready that morning.



Colour #2 YELLOW

Probably the hardest out of all the colours to pull off yellow, when done right, makes you feel unstoppable. You could of course start small and layer a yellow dress or bodysuit with some other winter pieces. But we think to fully pull off the look, the best way is to team yellow with yellow and go all out! Our Kill Bill Tracksuit in yellow is the perfect way of bringing colour to your winter wardrobe without compromising on warmth or comfort!


Colour #3 BLUE & GREEN

If full on colour isn’t your thing no matter what season, a great way to slip it into your wardrobe is with accessories. Sunnies and hats are great ways to add subtle hints of colour and we’re obsessing over the Quay Blue tinted glasses as well as this Lack Of Colour Olive Green hat!


Need more Winter fashion tips? Check out our Winter Staples blog post.

Written by Ivy Mullins

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