Cya Gangnam Style, Hello Gingham Style!

Move over Gangnam Style; everyone please welcome to the stage gingham style, the playful vintage fabric that is hot on our trend radar RN! This particular fabric has stood the test of time since its debut into the fashion world many years ago, proving just how much it will never truly get old! Here are our favourite monochromatic gingham style pieces.

The Off-Shoulder Dress


A beautiful open neckline, puffed sleeves and gingham print combination all on the one dress? Did we just die and go to heaven? This triple threat combo can be found on the super cute Jemma Off Shoulder Dress. One of the best parts of this dress is its versatility – leave it loose if you’re feeling more adventurous or tie it up and throw a jacket over it if it’s a little more chilly.

The Mini Skirt

If someone were to ask for a cute mini skirt that screams vintage… this is definitely what we would give to them! The Crescendo Mini Skirt once again features this classic black and white chequered pattern that we are loving at the moment. Pair with a black turtleneck and knee high boots in order to re-live the glory days from the 90’s.

The Wrap Top

Not sure whether to wear black or white? Why not have both! The Wrap Me Up Gingham Top is flattering on everyone as you can choose your own way to tie it up, guaranteeing to pull all eyes in on you.

The Playsuit

gwen playsuit gingham.jpg

If you’re not quite up to rockin’ a dress but still want to wear something a lil bit flirty, why not try the Gwen Playsuit Gingham? Perfect for dancing the night away or a day time look, this is a staple piece that every fashionista should have in their wardrobe!

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By Jacqui Coleman

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