Slay the layer game this winter.

Although the progression into Winter can be a nice change (we miss the sun but can’t say we miss those 45 degree days!) it can be hard to progress your outfits along with it. After wearing strappy slip dresses, cropped tank tops and having not a care in the world about the winter wind it can be hard to transition your style to suit the weather! But don’t go blowing your budget on a whole new wardrobe!  Here at Beginning Boutique we’ve got some layering tips  to ensure you can incorporate your fav Summer looks simply by adding some fresh Winter pieces to your closet.  

Layer tip #1 The Undershirt

Don’t say goodbye to your go to slip dress just yet! The 90’s shirt under dress look is making a comeback and we are totally here for it! To really nail this look we suggest having a printed dress with a plain tee or a printed tee with a plain dress to keep it interesting but not overpowering!

Layer tip #2 The statement jacket

Let’s face it, Winter mornings are dark and cold and no one wants to be getting dressed and undressed trying to find a cute outfit. On days like these the BB team loves wearing our fav basic look and throwing on a statement jacket to complete it. This ensures comfort, warmth and style, three things we’ll never say no to! Shop all our fav statement jackets here.

Layer Tip #3 Wrap it up

Scarfs are a great way to keep out the cold this winter.  They’ll also become one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe as you play around with different ways to style them. A monochrome scarf can simply add warmth and texture without interfering with your outfit, while a coloured scarf adds a playful aspect to your get up with a pop of colour!  

Need more Winter fashion tips? Check out the NEW WINTER STAPLES YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT! Blog post for more!

Featured Image from @josefinehj

Written by Ivy Mullins

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