With winter approaching, we’ve realised that the old coats in our wardrobe just won’t make the cut this year and sorry boys, but the only thing we want keeping us warm is a good fur coat (faux of course)! So to celebrate the arrival of our much anticipated Sable Fur Coat Multi Blush we’re counting down our six fave celeb fur lovers and how they pull of the iconic wardrobe staple!

Number 6: Justin Bieber

It was big, it was heavy and it was worn on a mild winter’s day in sunny California, but we were obsessed with JB’s OTT fur coat look. Justin rocked this look in a pair of tan boots, acid wash ripped jeans and a pair of (we assume) lensless glasses very similar to the ones my grandfather wears. Nonetheless, there are not enough men in the fashion world embracing the fur look, so you go Biebz!

Number 5: Olivia Palermo

You might recognise her from Whitney Port’s spin-off reality show The City but Olivia Palermo has got to be one of the most stylish celebs out there and she is no stranger to the fur coat and knows exactly how to make a statement with them. It was a challenging task finding just three of our fave Olivia fur moments, but challenge accept and alas – we narrowed it down. From prints to stripes, our girl Liv knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to a fur coat, so time to move on before we ditch this blog post to search Olivia Palermo pics on Pinterest all day.

Number 4: Carrie Bradshaw

Sometimes sitting here writing these articles, we pretend we are Carrie Bradshaw writing her column and waiting for Big to call, and then we wonder, was Carrie the most stylish character to hit the screens in history? Our vote is yes, and between the Manolo Blahniks and the Louis Vuitton bags, Carrie knew how to rock a good old fur coat. Her signature fur look was definitely the long beige piece that she strutted around NYC with Samantha and thirteen years on since Sex and the City ended, we are still turning to Queen Carrie for styling tips!

Number 3: Bella Hadid

From Gigi’s kid sister to supermodel in her own right, our darling Bella has become one of the most talked about celebs this past year, not only for her killer catwalk but for her off-duty model style as well. This gal loves to rock her fur coats with little mini dresses and boots! We are defs heading to Bell’s instagram page this weekend for a little bit of outfit inspo!

Number 2: Gigi Hadid

Let’s be honest, this girl could wear a garbage bag whilst out and about in NYC and still look ridiculously amazing, but luckily for us – Gigi’s style is fashion forward yet totally re-creatable for us non-models. She’s been known to rock a few fur coats here and there and we’ve noticed her go to styling methods are keeping it simple with a pair of blue denim jeans and a little crop (we might have to do a few more crunches before we have a mid-section exactly like Gigi’s though).

Number 1: Kendall Jenner

How could we possibly give the number 1 spot to anyone but the #FurCoatQueen herself, Kenny! Search ‘fur coat’ into Pinterest and Kendall will fill half of your feed (trust us, we’ve done it), but all the glory is deserved because this girl has more fur coats than anyone in the business (seriously, her wardrobe probably costs more than a small island in the mediterranean).

Our fave look? Probably the long brown fur coat she draped over her shoulders combined with a pair of blue jeans and strappy heels she was spotted in walking around Paris earlier this year. We might also be partial to this look since it was the outing that totally confirmed all our hopes and dreams about her and A$AP Rocky, but despite all that, her fur stole the show and we love you for it, Kendall!

Need more cold weather inspo? Check out blog on how to slay the layer game this Winter!

By Aimee Rees

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