The Best DIY Cropped Sweater Tutorial!

Crops are so in this winter season and we’ve got a simple how-to guide so you can get the look! So if you have a sweater lying around, its time to jooj it up and get a little crafty!



Sweater – we used the BB West Sweater Grey Marle for $69.95

Pair of scissors (fabric scissors are ideal, but you can use normal ones like we did)

Highlighter/ marker


A friend (to help with measuring)

STEP 1 – Measure


First, put on your sweater and get a friend to help you mark where you want the cut made. No one available? just use a mirror!

Mark the sweater with a small line. Take the sweater off and complete the line using the ruler as a guide!

TIP: always measure a little lower than you would normally cut it, just incase you make a mistake!

STEP 2 – Cut

Simply cut along the beautifully drawn line you jut made.

TIP: Your friend can help keep the fabric tight for an easier cut!

STEP 3 – Try it on

Try on the crop to see if it is short enough. As you can see in our pics, there is definitely room to go shorter!

STEP 4 – Fix

IMG_4904 2

Re- measure the sweater and get chopping!

annnnnd you’re done! Yes, it’s that easy!



If you’ve recreated this look, we would LOVE to see it! Simply tag us in your pic on insta using @beginningboutique

Get crafty babes!



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