Your Festival Road Trip Essentials and Playlist!

Festival road trip? Count me in! There’s nothing like a road trip with friends, especially when your final destination is that music festival you’ve been waiting for all year.

In the lead up, you’re probably busy planning your festival outfits and listening to the artists in the line-up on repeat, so you may not think about what you need to take with you for your festival road trip. Not to worry though, we’ve put together our festival road trip essentials to make sure that the journey there is just as good as the festival!

*Disclaimer: good company is a vital key to success here, so choose your travel buddies wisely – after all, you’ll be stuck in a car with them for hours!



Ok so food is always the main thing on our mind, so let’s start there. If you’re like us and feel like eating every 20 minutes, then you’re in for a shock if you attempt a road trip with no snacks! There will be places along the way to stop, but by places we pretty much just mean McDonalds or the local service station, so not much variety. It’s best to go with snacks that won’t cause too much of a mess (don’t want to be stuck in a sticky car now, do we?). Our go-to snack choices are muesli bars, popcorn, nuts, chips (because who doesn’t love potato) and some lollies to satisfy that sweet tooth. As well as food though, make sure you remember to pack plenty of water! All those snacks can make a girl thirsty.



Whip those trackies out because a road trip is the perfect time to wear your comfiest clothes! Always throw in a hoodie for when people have the aircon on way too low in the car, or if you want to hop out of the car and stretch your legs in the cool night air. We also recommend putting serious thought into the shoes you’ll be wearing, so make sure you’ve got something on your feet that you can easily slip on and off when your feet are needing some air (or you want to get into the comfiest position in your seat).



This one is an obvious but very important one – after all, you want to make sure you make it to the festival right? Remember that you won’t always have the best reception the whole trip when going on a long drive, so don’t just rely on your phone! Make sure you also have either a GPS or a map (as in paper – if those even exist still?) to guarantee that the adventure doesn’t end with you and your crew lost in some random town while all your other friends are sending you snaps from the festival you’re meant to be at.



When you’re stuck in a car for hours on end, it’s highly likely that you’ll spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and any other form of social media that you haven’t refreshed yet. You can only have so much conversation with the same people, right? Remember to take a portable phone charger so that you can use your phone without worry of the battery running out before you even get to your destination!



If you have a full car, there’s always going to be that one person who is sitting in the seat with the sun shining directly on them for hours. Make sure you’re prepared in case you’re this person and pack your favourite pair of sunnies (which you’ll need for the festival anyway) and some sunscreen – don’t want to be looking like a tomato in all your Splendour pics!



A road-trip without music is like a Netflix binge session without snacks – why would you even bother? Different cars have different ways of playing music from a phone, so make sure you check this before you leave on your adventure! It may be as easy as connecting to Bluetooth, or you may need an aux cord or an MP3 player and cigarette adaptor. Just don’t forget to pack it! We’ll bet that the person who leaves the cord behind will be the least popular one in the car.



And of course, what’s the use of being able to play music in your car if you don’t have the best playlist? Listening to good music can make time fly, so a prime playlist is the key to making sure the drive goes quickly! Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to listen to all of the artists who you’re about to see at the festival.

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By Elizabeth Lepre

We’ve put together a festival road trip playlist for ourselves, so have a listen!

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