How to: Glitter roots & festival hair

With festival season upon us, it’s time to step up our hair game because ain’t no flower crown gonna cut it. This season, we are seeing pastels, glitter, beads, glitter and more glitter. We’ve rounded up 7 of our favourite festival hair trends so you can start planning your ‘do’s ASAP!

Pastel Space buns


Turn up your space buns with some serious hair chalking! These little pastel pairs are the perfect addition to any festival getup. Add some metallic lips to get seriously intergalactic!

Hair Rings


Thank you to the genius who has completely repurposed our rings to be our go-to festival hair accessory. We are gathering all the rings we can find and going braid crazy in prep for the next festival!

Mermaid Hair


Can’t pick between pink, purple or blue hair? With mermaid hair you can have it all! This perfect mix of pastels has festival ready written all over it!

Bubble Pigtails


Who knew we were so festival fashion savvy in primary school? Let’s bring back those super cute bubble pigtails this festival season!

Ribbon Braids


Step up your braid game with ribbon! Create your braids with some white or coloured ribbon to add a super stylish vibe to your festival look!

Hair Beads


Grab your craft boxes ladies, because beads are now a major festival hair accessory! Make a statement by adding a bunch of beads and charms to your hair next festival!

Glitter Hair


Is it really a festival without glitter? We are planning to sparkle our way through the festival season with glitter hair and glitter everywhere! We are packing the Glitter Pot in every shade this festival season!

Need some festival style inspo to go with your hair? Check out some of our favourite festival styles here!

By Georgia O’Neill


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