#Trending: Coachella 2017 Festival Style

If you’ve been on any form of social media in the last few days, you’ll know that Weekend One of Coachella 2017 is officially done and dusted!

Coachella is known for providing the ultimate festival style inspiration, so we’ve looked through hundreds of photos from the weekend to come up with some of the key trend takeaways from Coachella so far! We know, it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it…


Less was more at Coachella this year, and one trend we couldn’t ignore as it flooded our feeds was wearing bralettes as tops. Celebrities such as Jordyn Woods and Kendall Jenner were seen baring almost all, and other festival-goers pulled off the trend just as well! Whether it was bikini-style or sports bra-esque, Weekend One of Coachella showed us that sometimes it’s better to ditch the top and simply grab your best bralette instead!


Last year the choker reigned supreme, but this year the new go-to accessory was the bandana! Some styled it around their neck, others on their head, and celebs like Ariel Winter were there to put their style stamp of approval on the trend. Some even chose to wear a bandana as a top, proving that this may just be the most versatile trend to hit the desert of Coachella this year!


Say goodbye to boho, because it’s been replaced this year and we’re not complaining! One of our favourite trends to emerge from Weekend One of Coachella was the discowear-inspired trend that had almost everyone channeling their inner mermaid in sequins, scales and metallics. Some wore sequinned bralettes, while others went all out in reflective scale-like skirts and even embraced the trend in their makeup looks, with glitter makeup showing it is here to stay this festival season.


Sunglasses are a festival staple, right? This year celebs and festival-goers both embraced the trend of coloured-lens glasses. Chanel Iman, Ashley Tisdale and Hailey Baldwin all showed us how to rock our coloured-lens glasses this festival season, proving that your choice of sunglasses can be just as important to your outfit as any other item!


A trend that always seems to come back around is double denim, and there was plenty of it at the first weekend of Coachella! Ashley Tisdale showed us there’s nothing wrong with a little denim on denim action by styling hers with a bralette and coloured-lens glasses for a festival-ready take on one of our all-time favourite trends.


Weekend One of Coachella showed us that flower crowns are out and braids are here to stay! The go-to festival look got an update this season, with rainbow hair proving a crowd favourite. Channel your inner mermaid with this trend by adding a pop of pastel to your hair for the ultimate festival style!

Heading to a festival soon? Get a head-start on planning your Festival Outfits here!

By Elizabeth Lepre

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