Style Lessons We Learnt From SATC

From tulle skirts and sky high stilettos to bold patterns and colour clashing, Carrie Bradshaw gave us some serious styling lessons over the six seasons of Sex and the City. Although the show left our screens over 13 years ago, she is still teaching us lessons that we can apply to our wardrobes today. We are here to help you answer that famous fashion question, “what would Carrie Bradshaw do?”


Layering is key

According to Carrie, more is more. The style queen taught us that even if you think your outfit is complete, it’s probably not. Spontaneous pairing is totally acceptable and seriously encouraged!


It’s ok to wear your PJs in public

No time to get dressed? No Problem. PJ’s can be taken to the streets with a little help from a statement jacket, accessories and bag. Thank you Carrie for our extra sleep in now!


Don’t be afraid of colours  

Carrie Bradshaw was certainly not one to shy away from brights and bolds! Colour clashing was not apart of her vocab, showing us that any colours of the rainbow can come together ever so stylishly.


Sneakers are a staple

Carrie Bradshaw once said, “shopping is my cardio”, so it only makes sense that the appropriate shoes are worn. Although the fashion muse has a new pair of heels for everyday, she still taught us that no closet is complete without a pair of staple sneakers.


Don’t let the rules stand in the way of your outfit

If you want to wear a tutu in public, then you wear that tutu! Carrie showed us that you don’t have to stick to any rules when it comes to fashion and we LOVE her for this. She taught us that confidence is always the best accessory (and yes, it’s even better than the extremely oversized flower).


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By Georgia O’Neill

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