5 Ways You’ve Never Thought to Use Glitter

With Coachella just around the corner and the Splendour lineup announced earlier this week, we’ve got festival fever in the Beginning Boutique office!

It’s never too early to start planning your festival-day looks, so we’ve put together some of our favourite festival-inspired beauty trends for you.


We all love a good highlight, but amp yours up by using glitter to make your cheekbones pop! This is one of our favourite ways to add glitter to your festival look, and is a sure-fire way to turn heads this festival season. Simple use a gel base and apply the glitter to your cheekbones and temples for a sparkling makeup look!


Partying at festivals can be tiring, so cover up those dark circles and take your glitter pot for a spin by applying glitter under your eyes. I know, who knew glitter could be so versatile? This look is for those of us who want to be a bit more adventurous with how we use glitter this festival season, so why not take the plunge and go for it – all you need is a gel base and a brush to apply the glitter and you’re good to go!


This next one is for those of you who think there’s no such thing as too much glitter! Make a statement by spreading glitter across your chest – this look is our favourite to complement a strapless top or to add a bit of excitement to an outfit with a simple neckline!


Channel your inner unicorn with this next technique and apply glitter throughout your hair or along your roots. This look is the the perfect way to add some fun to your usual go-to hairstyle – whether it be braids, buns or a simple pony, just apply glitter at your roots for a festival-inspired look!


And last but not least, put away your lip kits and grab your glitter pots instead because this makeup trend will have you looking festival-ready in no time! Simply apply your favourite lipstick or a lip glitter glue as a base and use a cotton swab or brush to spread the glitter across your lips. Our girl Gigi even rocked this look at the Fendi Spring 17 Show (so it must be a good one!)

Remember guys, it’s never too early to start perfecting your festival looks, so why not start now?

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By Elizabeth Lepre

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