#trending: fishnets & denim

It’s hard to ignore the current Insta-trend obsession taking place across our news feeds right now. Fishnets and denim are fast taking over from the choker craze, and tbh we’re digging it. It’s not every day you’d think of pairing your jeans with your undergarments, but somehow this duo totally works.

From Kendall to Hailey and Vanessa, celebs went mad for the combo late last year, and it’s finally trickled down to us mere mortals. Without further ado, here’s how you can be styling the newest trend right now!

With boyfriend jeans

Probably our fave way to wear ’em; grabbing your high-waisted boyfie or mom jeans 9more distressing, the better), and pulling the waistband of the fishnets up really high above your belly button. This will give your denim a new dimension, as well as cinching in your waist – perfect!

With a denim skirt

Punk meets grunge meets feminine chic, all in one. We’re getting major 80s nostalgia from this denim skirt and fishnet pairing, and we like it! Keep your look edgy and team with a black band tee and biker jacket, or add yet another texture and go for a silky blouse. We like to keep everyone guessing.

With a heel

Heading out to dinner, but haven’t shaved your legs? Not a problem! You can still get fancy with heels, a tapered ankle and a cute off-shoulder top. Throw your hair up in a bun and rock your fave red lippy and you’re set!

As anklets

Because why wear sockettes when you can wear these babies! Kick back with flats this weekend for the ultimate off-duty look that screams laid back chic. With a pair of jeans, shorts or denim skirt, this versatile styling can be repeated on the daily!

Wanna know what else we’re loving RN? Head here to read all about the new ‘It’ shirt!

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