Coachella: The Packing List!

So you’re entering into the land of flower crowns, sequins, chokers and vintage tees. Your cardio routine has been upped to ensure you can endure the hours and hours of endless dancing. You’ve got your Instagram captions sorted and ready to worship the real life Queen B.

So what now? Oh yes that’s right, the dreaded packing list. But don’t you worry festival babes! We have got you sorted with our go-to of how-to survive and shine at Coachella!



We are still questioning whether Coachella is a music festival or fashion festival but either way it’s time to unleash your style and pack your outfits! A little bit of planning goes a long way, are you going romantic maxi, rock n roll vibes or feminine and flirty? Get stalking on Instagram, pinning on Pinterest and shopping online to create your perfect looks! Disclaimer: you will not need to pack a flower crown.



Palm Springs + direct sunlight + endless dancing = serious hydration. A water bottle is a definite must! There is no doubt you will drink more water than you thought your body could handle. But you can, and you will. So remember to top up throughout the day to keep you going!


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.41.00 pm.png

Comfort is key! Being on your feet all day means that you will need to kick it in comfortable shoes. You will not go wrong in a pair of ankle boots! Trendy yet practical, what more could you want from a shoe?



Let’s get shady! You can slay in your shades whilst also protecting your eyes at Coachella. What an absolute match made in heaven! Stock up on your shades and grab a pair for every outfit! We will not judge for multiple sunglass changes throughout the day #guilty.



Just in case your mother hasn’t already mentioned it you will need sunscreen. A sunburn will probably not go with your outfit or look cute in your Instagram uploads. So stock up on that SPF 50+ ladies! It’s set to be a scorcher!


Nothing screams SOS like a dead phone battery at Coachella. How will you let everyone know you are at THE Coachella festival?! Although there are phone charging stations at the festival, the lines are HUGE and ain’t nobody got time for that. You can thank us in advance for your portable iPhone charger. This will be your absolute knight in shining armour!


No ticket = No entry. Avoid a MAJOR coachella disaster by remembering your ticket! A loss of ticket could result in a meltdown similar to that of Britney Spears 2007.

Now get packing girl! Coachella is waiting!


By Georgia O’Neill


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