5 accessories you’re gonna see everywhere on campus this semester

There’s nothing more stressful than the first day back to uni on Monday morning. We dgaf about the amount of assignments were about to be neck-deep in, only wtf are we wearing?!

Before you know it, somehow you’ve tipped your entire wardrobe’s contents out on the bedroom floor and got into fight with bae, ‘cos he thinks you’re acting totally psycho. Not the case. This is a legit reason to freak out about. Thank god you’ve listened to us & pre-planned your back-to-uni accessories waaaayyy before anyone else has had a chance to.

Commence the farshun.

An everyday wallet


Roomy enough to fit all 17 credit cards, ca$h money, coffee cards, your phone and entire kitchen sink, this baby is our go-to gal! Pretty enough to be styled with just about everything, this practical AND chic everyday wallet is a no brainer.

An everyday bag


NEED IT. WANT IT. MUST HAVE IT. We can’t help but crush on this black fur baby. With adjustable shoulder straps, an inner compartment for your secret stash of lippies plus all-round lushness, this is our fave bag yet!



Pretty much THE staple accessory rn, fishnets are gonna be EVERYWHERE this semester. Rock ’em like the bada$$ bish you are underneath distressed jeans and a cropped hoodie. Pro tip: pull ’em high above your belly button for extra waist-synching goodness.



They’re still here! But we’re not bored of them yet, (and neither will your fellow uni babes), so bling it up the only way we know how – with a statement choker or two. Yep, we’re all about layering more than one piece, especially if they complement each other. We’re thinking diamantes and suede, leather and chains. A+.

Retro sunnies


Banish the boring; retro is back…again! Unleash your inner wild child with a nod to the swinging 70s. Not only are tinted sunnies a total style statement, they make you see the world in a super cool colour. Even assignments are bound to look better that way!

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