5 Beauty Hacks For 8am Lectures

There’s nothing worse than when the Summer holidays come to an end and you’re left with the realisation you did absolutely nothing with your time off.

Because talking to the TV was literally the only form of contact you had for the most part.


And who needs to get dressed in the morning, when you’re only going to change back into your pjs in 6 hours anyway?


Enter the regret of not doing the readings over the break like you were supposed to.


Safe to say the semester is gonna be a looooong one.

Not to mention early morning lectures. Who in their right mind decided 8am is a reasonable time to feed new information into our brains, that we will almost immediately forget?

If you’ve forgotten how the stove works (Mum, we already miss you), you’ve probably forgotten how a make up palette works too. Enter the quick-fix beauty hacks we’re swearing by this semester. Guaranteed to have you looking semi-normal at uni in a flash!

Dry Shampoo

Seriously our best friend. We wouldn’t know what to do with it. No real shampoo? Dry shampoo. Too lazy to use the real shampoo you do have? Dry shampoo. See, it works every time.

Tinted Moisturiser

Because who can be bothered to slap on a face-full of foundation at 7am? Not us! Goodbye paleness and hello sun-kissed! Why yes we’ve spent Summer in South East Asia, how lovely of you to notice…

Instant Waves

Pro-tip: Plait your hair and run a straightener over it for instant waves. No bad hair days for you! Easy peasy!

Wide-Awake Eyes

No time for mascara? White eyeliner on the inner corners of your eye will give the illusion you’re ready for the day, when secretly you’re dying inside.

Lush Lips

No time to do fancy eyes? Slapping on a red bold lip gives the illusion you’re wearing a  full face. How’s that for trickery?!


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