5 Most Stylish Celeb Couples of 2017

If your idea of watching the news consists of channel E! you’re not alone. We’re taking guilty pleasure in succumbing to the world of celebs – and we wanna know EVERYTHING. That’s right, what they’re eating, where they’re living, hell even who they’re doing.

Forget trying to keep up with the Kardashians; there’s a whole WORLD of celebs we’ve gotta get the down-low on. And by world, we mean Hollywood, duh.

Move over bae, here are our fave couples we’re getting major #relationshipgoal envy over:

The Beckham’s

The Beckham’s, by default, make the top of our list. Victoria has always had a passion for fashion and we’re sure David does what he’s told! Not to mention their kids… #familygoals


Justin and Jessica

Anyone who marries Jessica Biel immediately gets style brownie points in our eyes! And we have to say, ever since Justin’s hitched his hidey to Jess, he’s been killing it!


The Kardashian-West’s

Due to Kimmy K breaking the internet often with her fashion slays and her statement escapades, how could Kimye not make our list?! We won’t mention Kanye’s line though…

Chrissy and John

Every time these two snap a photo, we die. The end.


Blake and Ryan

Listening to Ryan talk about how much he loves Blake kills us. In a good way. These two are everything we ask of life and more now that they’ve added a little one to their style squad!


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