What to do with your girl gang this Galentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day, Shmalentine’s Day. Who needs a lame excuse to spend unnecessary money on one day of the year? So this year calls for a toast, not to bae who will most likely forget which day it is anyway, but to our girl gang – ‘cos they deserve to be celebrated, right?!


Stuck for ideas on what to do with your BFFs this year? Here’s our top gal date night ideas guaranteed to end in the night to remember!



Grab your face masks, robes and nail polishes, what better way to get together and celebrate your best friends than treating each other to a good ol’ manicure! You don’t need to spend $100+ on beautifying yourself when you can do it for a fraction of the cost, with the best company of all! Grab a couple of cucumbers for your eyes and hey presto!



Grab a bottle (or 3) of Prosecco, your fave ingredients and cook up a storm in your own kitchen. Throw on your fave girl’s night in playlist and get the sparkling flowing. No doubt you’ll all be a little tipsy before you get to the main course, but that’s half the fun! Who needs to wait in line for an overpriced restaurant this Valentine’s Day anyway?



‘Cos this is ladies night and the feelin’s right. Get on your dancing shoes, if there’s one thing that’ll guarantee to put a smile on your face (no matter how miserable you are this Valentine’s Day) – it’s gotta be busting shapes on the d-floor with your bestie. What could be better than getting glammed up in a brand new dress and splurging on cocktails for your gang?! You know it makes sense!



Not too keen on showing your face this Valentine’s? Girl, we’ve been there! Your nearest and dearest will totally get you when you say you want a low-key night. We’re thinking a delish takeaway in bed with our newest Netflix show on repeat. Who needs guys when you have your gals?


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