10 Reasons Why We’re Staying Single This Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing worse than spending Valentine’s Day alone right? Wrong. We’re all about being strong independent women who don’t need no man! Here’s our top 10 reasons why it’s out with the Valentine’s and in with the Gal-entine’s this year!

  1. You don’t have to worry about pretending to cry with happiness over one of those cheesy Valentine’s Day teddy bears holding the ‘I love you’ hearts…or any lame Valentine’s Day gifts for that matter.

2.  Put away the flash cards. There won’t be any awkward chit chat or stress over who is paying the dinner bill.


3. You can stay at home in your favourite sweatpants with your hair up and a face mask on, watching KUWTK ’til your heart’s content.

4. You won’t be stressing over what big gesture to make to show your undying love to your partner.


5. You get to avoid the long restaurant lines – no one likes seeing us hangry.

6. 4 words: Public Displays of Affection. It’s impossible to enjoy a meal when the couple at the next table are doing that whole washing-machine-tongue thing. Disgusting.

7. You won’t have to shave your legs. This is probably the most important of all.


8. Since you don’t have to spend money on tacky presents you have more money to spend on the real important things…like the new Morphe brush set we’ve been dying to get our hands on.

9. Chocolate is on sale and no one is there to judge you whilst you cry at cat commercials on TV.

10. Galentine’s Day – pretty much the best invention in the history of all-things-female. You can spend it with your fave gal pals doing cool things. We’re talking pedicures, drinking wine and binge watching TOWIE.


Still feeling down about being single on Valentine’s Day? Get yourself together woman and read #TinderFail Confessions To Make You Lol!

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